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Making The Move To Cloud Based IAM

Many present day manufacturing organizations still utilize the technologies which made their business function well in years best. The problem with sticking to these outdated identity management systems is that they no longer provide the best options to push these organizations to success. In many ways, maintaining the status quo and sticking to on-site identity management has introduced challenges instead of eliminating them. Cloud technologies are a means to address these challenges. This modern technology improves identity management and security while also improving how businesses interact with their supply chains.

There are a number of challenges that organizations still employing legacy technologies face. Among these challenges are inefficiencies in their integration with the supply chain, effectively securing sensitive data which is a key target of phishing attacks, the high cost and loss of productivity comes with maintaining antiquated on-site identity management, and lastly highly complex identity management systems. In combination, these four challenges bog down the work flow of organizations still stuck on on-site identity management resulting in unnecessary costs and reduce competitiveness in the market place.

OneLogin Identity and Access Management, IAM, is a cloud-based solution to the problem of legacy on-site identity management. The OneLogin IAM solution provides manufacturers a modernized replacement to their old identity management system that comes with the ability to provide a single sign-on option for their employees. The service also comes with multi-factored authentication and real time Active Directory integration. The inclusion of more than 5000 integrated apps ensures that there is no delay in transitioning employees to the new platform. Productivity is increased due to the centralized placement and single login for all workflow apps. These features allow workers to navigate and accomplish tasks quicker and easier.

The company also provides solutions for employees who need to access data outside of the firewall, as well as, overcoming the issue of legacy on-site apps. OneLogin Adaptive Authentication is used to oversee the security of the organizations data when employees access data off the network. The software incorporates machine learning capable of determining if abnormalities requiring further authentications are necessary. With regards to legacy on-site apps, OneLogin Web Access Management provides a easy means to securely connect to these legacy apps while simultaneously access the OneLogin cloud directory. Ths enables organizations the capability to enjoy the full range of services that are available as the transitions to the new system.

OneLogin Improves Envoy Employee Experience

OneLogin was founded in San Francisco by Thomas and Christian Pederson in 2009. Before they started OneLogin, the brothers worked with a company named Zendesk. They realized that clients were experiencing issues related to the productivity and security of moving into the cloud. This experience gave the brothers the idea to develop an identity and access management system. This idea became OneLogin.

OneLogin decided to provide their services to Envoy. Envoy is a company that specializes in the automation of many steps in the visitor registration process, so Envoy understands the value of streamlining the user’s experience. This understanding is why Envoy is working with OneLogin to implement their SCIM protocol into their employee management systems. SCIM stands for Systems for Cross-domain Identity Management and its purpose is to streamline and simplify user management and provisioning. Envoys implementation of SCIM gives employees and customers the ability to automatically fill in fields, such as email, names, and office location. The system’s ability to continuously update user information, via OneLogin SCIM system, allows Envoy to save time that would be spent manually updating user information.

The SCIM system has allowed Envoy to improve the customer experience as well as their employee’s experience. Since the system is continuously updating data, Envoy’s employees know their information is constantly updated at all levels of the organization. The accurate information allows Envoy’s customers to easily sign in without the hassle of going through redundant employee information. SCIM also allows Envoy to scale more easily since the system automates multiple processes.

The collaboration between Envoy and OneLogn was possible with OneLogin exceptional customer assistance program. OneLogin provided clear direction as well as direct customer assistance to help their client. They provided these services by providing free developer tool kits coupled with direct guidance from OneLogin staff. This guidance was used to implement services such as SCIM.