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The Kabbalah Center, Its Locations, And Celebrities

The Kabbalah Centre teaches the Zohar and the Kabbalah to whoever is interested, regardless of race, identity, religion, gender or any other factor. There are 50 Kabbalah Centre’s all around the world, with many locations in the United States. The American cities that the Kabbalah Centre exists in include New York City, New York; Miami, Florida; Los Angeles, California; Houston, Texas;Fort Worth, Texas; and St. Louis, Missouri. There are multiple locations in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami, testifying to a strong interest in the subject.

The Kabbalah Centre is shunned by those in the Orthodox community for breaking centuries and millennia-old traditions, such as only allowing converted Jews and people above the age of forty to study the Kabbalah’s wisdom. However, there is a valid argument coming from those who smile upon the Kabbalah Centre. Their argument is that the Kabbalah Centre provides a good service to humanity by simplifying the Kabbalah, making it more available to a wider audience and making it more relevant to people’s lives on a daily basis.

There is a long list of celebrities who have studied Kabbalah. Some celebrities feel that the beliefs behind the Kabbalah are who they are, and that they have found something that really fits into their mindsets lifestyles. Other celebrities study the Kabbalah as a way to de-stress and to make sense out of the mysteries of life. Another reason for studying the Kabbalah is that it gives some celebrities the sense that they are partaking in a very depthful, solid thing that has been around for 5,000 years. Some celebrities get involved in studying wisdom of the Kabbalah because they are intrigued by Judaism, and somehow relate it to their own identities.

This is the case of the late Sammy Davis. He stated that one of the reasons why he started studying Kabbalah was because he could relate the struggle of the Jews to that of his own people, the African Americans.

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