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Depression, Magic Jungles, and the Reality of Therapy for Kid Cudi

When artists are quiet for a while, it usually means that they are working tirelessly to release something that is absolutely wild. Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi took a break from the scene for what seemed like forever, but he released a song earlier this year entitled “Frequency.” People were quick to love the tune, but the video was stellar in the sense that it really seemed out of this world.


In a jungle full of blacklights and questionable mushrooms, Kid Cudi spit his outrageous rhymes that have made him famous time and time again. Off of his new album, Passion, Pain, and Demon Slayin’, the words are so much more than the trippy videos they are highlighted in.


Since he was a child, Mescudi has struggled with anxiety and depression, which is a reality that the majority of the population faces yet refuses to discuss out of fear of being judged or ridiculed. The Kid is unafraid to discuss these topics, though, especially since he recently checked himself into therapy for his conditions and the thought of suicide. While this may have shocked his fans, not a single one was able to disprove the message conveyed by this artist and how he prompts listeners to talk about their problems, that there are other ways to cope, and that there is no shame in suffering–everybody does to some degree.


Surely this allowed concern to grow in fans for more reasons than one, specifically since they are unsure if Cudi will release this album. With a promise that the album is still in the works and will be released, the star urges people to just listen to the message and to enjoy the videos until then.