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United Airlines Accidentally Sent This Rapper’s Dog To Chicago

If you have ever owned a cat or dog you know how endearing they can be. Those who count themselves as dog people understand the strong bond that a dog owner can build with their pet. Most people know that dogs can be very loyal to the people that take care of them and are smart enough to do useful work like assisting a blind owner or even helping to save a child lost in the forest from frostbite as one dog did for the child of its owners a few years ago. Dogs even have their own personalities with some being more friendly than others, having their own preferences and some might say a sense of humor. Given the strong attachments that people can develop to their dogs it is probably easy to understand why rapper ScHoolboy Q tweeted United Airlines about a big snafu the company made with regard to his dog Yeeerndamean.

According to The Fader, ScHoolboy Q made a recent trip from Missouri to California and he apparently took his dog along with him on this trip. While the rapper was able to make it to his destination just fine his dog Yeeerndamean had some complications with its travel arrangements. Presumably, Yeeerndamean was supposed to be on the same flight as ScHoolboy Q so that it would end up at the same destination. The Fader reports that the rapper’s journey to California included a layover in Denver, Colorado. Here’s where things get murky. It seems as though Yeeerndamean probably got lust in the shuffle somewhere around this leg of the trip.

When Q made it to California he was informed that his dog was “mixed up with another in Denver.” Instead of heading to sunny California with its owner, Yeeerndamean had been sent on its merry way to the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. All of this presumably led Q to send a tweet in mid-July that read: “You guys r idiots @united HOW U PUT MY DOG ON THE WRONG FLIGHT???? I need answers.” According to The Fader Yeeerndamean has been reunited with ScHoolboy Q.

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Unfortunately, rapper ScHoolboy Q has oft been overlooked, perhaps overshadowed by the highly lauded work of his label mate, Kendrick Lamar. And despite having some critical recognition himself, many have mistakenly written Q off as simply playing second fiddle to Lamar, deemed by the mainstream as the grand savior of hip-hop today. None of this appears to faze Q, content to stay in his own lane, further fine tuning his singular voice within the greater pantheon of emerging rappers. In many ways, the music of ScHoolboy Q has remained cold and collected in comparison to Lamar. He is occasionally self-deprecating and unapologetically messy. The point of view, as portrayed on his major label debut, ‘Oxymoron’ shows a man caught between disparate worlds, someone with one foot in and one foot out. His music exudes an innate tension. He never presents himself as content, almost as if he’s questioning to which world he belongs. He can sound playful, like on the song ‘Collard Greens’ and deeply nihilistic on ‘Fuck LA’. His artistry is based upon a consideration of life’s complications, the intermixture of beauty and tragedy, of transcendence and self-destruction. ScHoolboy Q spits rhymes from a psychologically grey area. He never depicts gang life glamorously, nor does he condemn it’s appeal. His most recent album, ‘Blank Face LP’ is Q at his best and most sober. A recent interview here, Your text to link… reflects a newly emboldened yet vulnerable perspective. This is his most personal, complex work to date. There is fury and contradiction here. From songs like ‘THat Part’ to ‘Ride Out’ Q displays a range rare for artists alike, including his label mates.