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Recycling Drives Orange Coast College To Greater Levels Of Community Involvement

The residents of Costa Mesa have often found themselves looking for the academics and staff of Orange Coast College for leadership in their community with the year 2017 proving no different. More than four decades ago, Orange Coast College has been leading the fight to protect the environment of Costa Mesa and Southern California as a whole by developing a range of recycling programs at its campus for local residents to take advantage of. A new recycling facility at the college will now add to the range of goods recycled across the Costa Mesa region of California. Learn more:


The success of the college in providing some of the most impressive recycling services in California has not gone unnoticed with residents from across the state bringing their unwanted goods and recyclable products to the campus. Orange Coast College has built a strong reputation as a leading recycling center and will only add to this reputation following the opening of a five-acre site dedicated to the recycling of products and waste to avoid adding to a lot of items sent each day to landfills across California.


The academics and staff of Orange Coast College believe it is their responsibility to play a role in protecting the environment, a role the college has added to by ensuring the new recycling facility was developed to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Not only does the recycling center use solar panels to provide power and reduce the level of fossil fuels burned at power stations to power the work of the facility but a larger range of goods can be recycled or responsibly disposed of through Orange Coast College. Small batteries and consumer electronics can be recycled at the facility by staff members who will work to ensure they are not placed in landfills and pollute the land, rivers, and air of this beautiful region of Southern California.


The more than 20,000 students passing through Orange Coast College each year work to complete trades-based and college transfer courses which are WASC-accredited. Reusing items and buildings has become a major part of the history of Orange Coast College as the gym, movie theater, and many other buildings originally built as part of the Santa Ana U.S. Army Air Base were recycled for use as the original campus of Orange Coast College in 1948.

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Orange Coast College Debuts New Recycling Center

There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday as Orange Coast College debuted its new recycling center. At the northern edge of the Costa Mesa campus, the $7.5 million center is much bigger than the former center. Learn more:


The new center offers a conference room, offices, classrooms and 45 parking spaces. The old center only had eight parking spaces. The new center also accepts electronic waste such as computer monitors, televisions and fax machines, and it will continue to accept newspapers, plastic bottles, scrap metal and aluminum cans. However, the new recycling center does not accept furniture.


It took 16 months to build the facility, and designers made sure to make the building eco-friendly. The indoor lighting is made out of solar tubes and solar panels are used for the buildings administration office. Officials hope to obtain certifications for the building for energy efficiency.


Located in Costa Mesa, Orange Coast College is a sprawling campus that is just minutes from Southern California’s majestic beaches. The college began offering classes in 1948. OCC enrolls more than 25,000 students and is one of the largest community colleges in the United States.


The past several decades have seen many OCC students transfer to Southern California’s renowned universities. In Orange County, OCC ranks first among other community colleges for sending its students to California universities. The school offers more than 135 academic and degree programs, and it has state-of-the-art facilities with the latest technology. OCC is a fully-accredited community college and offers summer, fall and winter sessions.

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