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’70’s Rock From Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone Magazine released a list of 1970s rock tunes that need some play time. Over the course of the ’70s the magazine reviewed over 5,000 albums, and it just released this list to bring some little remembered favorites to the forefront. From notables such as Mitch Ryder and the Chambers Brothers to forgotten favorites by Twiggy and Maggie Bell’s ‘Queen of The Night’, the list turns our attention to some lost melodies.

To touch on a few named on the list, Paul McCartney’s brother who went by the name of Mike McGear, recorded an album quite Beatle like in sound almost as good as his brother’s, but after that album, he went on to build a career in photography. Do you remember Shazaam, by the Move? The Rolling Stone adds this album to its list, and reminds us the band the Move, morphed into Electric Light Orchestra. Michael Fennelly of Crabby Appleton went on to sing back up for Steely Dan, and the Hudson Brothers’ Bill Hudson married Goldie Hawn and, then Cindy Williams; he is now the proud Daddy of Kate Hudson.

Fans like Christian Broda ( agree that the list is well worth the read, and brings back memories which remind us of some good, but forgotten artists of the past.