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Meek Mill is back with new hot track

Meek Mill is ready to set the world on fire again. Taking another hit in the loss column is not on his mind. The highly talented rapper from Philadelphia is back with new hot track. Many hip-hop insiders feel that “Glow Up” will turn heads and send people to the dance floors in night clubs around the globe.


On this blazing track, Meek let’s everyone know that he is not taking any prisoners. You can tell that Meek made an earnest effort to showcase his creativity and skills with this new piece. For instance, he says “I say Lord be my savior when it comes to getting this paper.”


“Glow Up” is traveling down the path created by the three-track project titled “Meekend Mix”. “Meekend Mix” was released earlier this month. It featured Young Thug and A$AP Ferg. Both artists are talented in their own right.


Loyal fans are looking forward to getting Meek’s third studio album. Meek stated that “DC4.5” will be better than his previous studio album. It’s fair to say that he’s telling the truth. Meek has an impeccable reputation when it comes to putting out good music. His passion and dedication separates him from other artists.


Meek is now getting ready to hit the road with Yo Gotti. This exciting tour will kick off in July. Everyone is looking forward to seeing these two Hip-Hop superstars take the stage this summer. Who will steal the spot light? Well, we will have to wait and see.


It’s good to see Meek back on the grind. The proud Philadelphian is well-known for getting the crowd excited when he takes the microphone. The future looks bright for this hip-hop giant.




Rapper J.Cole Releases Album Calling Out Particular Group of Artists

Rapper J. Cole has recently been the subject of several news articles as he released his newest album, Dreamville. In a song on the album, the rapper makes pointed remarks about the ability of white artist like Justin Timberlake, Iggy Azalea, and Eminem to succeed in the historically black rap and r&b music industry. The album has received both positive and negative feedback, with many album purchasers identifying strongly with the overall message presented in the Dreamville album. The album leaked online earlier in the month, but is expected to be available for download in a matter of weeks. J. Cole has made no comments regarding the feedback his album received and the rappers and r&b artists who were mentioned in his newest album have not yet been available for comment.


  1. Cole rose to prominence after releasing a popular mixtape in early 2007. The rapper was quickly signed to Jay Z’s record label and went on to produce three best selling albums in less than five years. J. Cole has become known for his witty use of current events and topic in his raps. Though his lyrics are often controversial, they are usually considered thought provoking and worthy of attention by a diverse group of people. In 2010, J. Cole was included in the list of the 50 Great Breakthrough Artists of the Year. This award cemented the rappers status as one of the most thoughtful and insightful rappers of his age.


Because J. Cole has amassed a large amount of accolades and praise during his short career, his commentary on the social events of the day often reach a large group of people. Almost every news outlet, including both conservative and liberal outlets, have commented on the rappers newest album and the statements he makes about society in it. The rapper has previously stated that he considers it his responsibility to comment about social issues and to encourage United States citizens to speak out about injustice. J. Cole hopes to continue to encourage insightful thought about the political and social climate through the development and release of popular music.


The Tussle for Supremacy between Hip-hop and R&B

As an integral part of culture, music genres borrow heavily from one another. In this case, the history of hip-hop has largely been about absorbing and conquering the other genres. In fact, there is no genre that has dissolved others in a greater scale in the music industry the way hip-hop has done.


Taking Over the Music Scene


At first, hip-hop sampled the elder genres and this provides the intellectual justification for its place in the legacy of soul genre, where it eventually pushed soul music to the fringes. Later on, hip-hip music gave birth to its own crop of singers, characterized by smooth-edged tough talking who softened the samples, while they addressed simpatico themes. Eventually, these rappers did away with middlemen and started inputting melodies into their own verses.


A Fierce Backlash


Interestingly, former hip-hop artistes such as Drake have been instrumental in stopping the genre from overriding others. In his transition to R&B, Drake has invariably softens the blow that Hip-Hop had dealt the genre. In this way, R&B has refused to take hip-hop’s infiltration without a fight. In particular, the male R&B singers are devising new approaches for invigorating the genre.


For a long time, the success of Robert Kelly’s music was based on his infusion of hip-hop attitudes into R& Blues. His new album that was recently released titled The Buffet sold poorly. R Kelly complained that black audiences were no longer supporting his music. While that could be true, R Kelly’s strategy overlooks the current crucial trends. For one, the lovers of R&B are presently better off served by hip-hop instead of R&B and that he too is not the standard bearer that he previously was.


As generation of musician emerge so will the genres of music continue to fuse while other new ones emerge. Hip-hop may not have lost its luster but then its influence is undoubtedly at test.

The Weeknd’s Starboy Tops the Charts Again

The Weeknd is definitely feeling like a Starboy right now with his 2016 album topping the charts 3rd week in a row. Coming close behind are Bruno Mar’s LP 24K Magic and the newcomers, indie-pop trio, the XX. The irony of it all is that The Weeknd hasn’t sold as many physical albums.


The Weeknd’s Starboy album continues to lead in the top 200 charts with two of his songs becoming favorites among RnB lovers. His singles Starboy and Party Lover are the reason why this 2016 album is trending—and here is the good reason why.


Gone are the days when topping charts meant you sold as many albums as possible. With today’s online streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, leading the charts also means your album is frequently streamed by listeners—this is where The Weeknd leads the pack.


Starboy and Party Monster garnered over 57.2 million streams towards the end of January, followed close by The XX’s album I See You with 12.3 million streams. But you can already see the staggering difference. If we talk about physical album sales, the Weeknd comes nowhere near The XXs, or Bruno Mars 24K Magic.


So it’s official, streaming is the future of music sales and leading the charts. Technology will always come up with a way of eliminating the old in favor of the new. Just the other day, we were blasting music off our cd players before we picked up the iPod. Today, we don’t even have to buy CDs or copy music to our portable audio players, a monthly subscription to services like Spotify takes care of our music needs.


As the Weeknd’s Starboy takes the lead yet again, other top performers in the charts include Justin Timberlake’s Troll soundtrack ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ and soundtrack to the global musical La La Land.

Big Sean Continues To Progress As An Artist

After years of slow and steady development, Big Sean is ready to truly make waves in the mainstream rap scene. A few years ago, one of Big Sean’s biggest claims to fame was the fact that he had helped the world discover Kendrick Lamar. Lamar appeared on “Control,” a Big Sean track from 2013. When that song failed to appear on Big Sean’s “Hall Of Fame” album, the rumors swirled that Big Sean had left the song out because he felt his performance on the song was outmatched by his guest performer. Whether or not this was true, the public was left with an impression that Big Sean was a talented rapper who wasn’t living up to his original potential. Many commentators wondered if Big Sean would remain a punchline rapper or if he would take his place in the forefront of modern hip-hop.


Overcoming negative expectations, Big Sean appears well on his way towards becoming hip-hop royalty over the course of the next few years. Rather than simply retreading familiar ground, this rapper is making more personal, more profound music that can resonate with a wide variety of listeners. Like fellow auteurs Kendrick Lamar and Yelawolf, Big Sean is demonstrating that it is possible to bridge the gap between tough, street-minded rap and more personal fare.


Only time will tell if Big Sean is able to achieve critical success on the level of Kendrick Lamar. If Big Sean is able to continue his forward progression as an artist, it seems sure that he will have a good chance of receiving his turn in the limelight. The worst thing that Big Sean could do is revert to his roots as a fairly basic, traditional rapper. All in all, the jury is still out on whether Big Sean will become a minor addition to the hip-hop canon or a truly game-changing force.

I’m Glad Rihanna And Drake Were Nominated For Brit Awards

Rihanna and Drake were recently announced as nominees for the 2016 Brit Awards. This prestigious music award is essentially the British version of the Grammy Awards. Simply achieving a nomination of this type is a great honor. This is one more indication that American rap and R&B artists have broad recognition and support in the United Kingdom. Decade after decade, the British public remains fully receptive to African-American musical forms. Of course, the transatlantic exchange of musical ideas operates in both directions. This is aptly demonstrated by “Black Beatles,” a recent hit by the American act Rae Sremmurd and rapper Gucci Mane.


It remains to be seen whether Drake or Rihanna will perform live at the Brit Awards ceremony, which is broadcast live on British television. If either one of these singers does choose to perform at the ceremony, this should provide an appreciable boost to the ceremony’s ratings this year. Other artists nominated for the 2016 Brit Awards include Skepta, David Bowie and Kano. Drake has been nominated in the category of “Best International Male Solo Artist.” Drake’s competitors in this category include Bruno Mars and the Weeknd. All in all, Drake should face very stiff competition here. Compared to Drake, Rihanna has a far longer history of commercial success in the United Kingdom. Every year, millions of British fans purchase Rihanna’s songs, albums and affiliated merchandise. Though the U.K. is far smaller than the United States in terms of population, there can be little doubt that Rihanna’s British fans contribute much to her overall commercial success.


Demarcus Cousins Says That He Will Release A R & B Album If He Is Voted An All-Star

Demarcus Cousins is a basketball player who plays for the Sacramento Kings. He recently had an interview with Carmichael Dave. During the interview, he stated that he will make R & B album if he is named a starter for the All-star game. He also stated that he is serious about the music. Demarcus believes that he can sing and thinks that he should release an album. Some believe that Demarcus will be voted into the All-star game because people are eager to hear him sing.


Demarcus also discussed the great pressure he is under because his team is trying to make the playoffs. He stated that many people have been talking about his hairline. He stated that he is stressing out about the playoffs. He said that he really wants to make the playoffs, so he will not be surprised if he is completely bald by the end of the season.


He jokingly stated that he is a handsome man and believes that he is able to pull off any look. However, he wants to hold on to his natural hair as long as he can. He also stated that he would like to pull off a George Karl look.


Additionally, Demarcus stated that he has looked back at the videos and realized where he went wrong in some of the games. He realizes that he messes up a lot. Demarcus started playing for the Sacramento Kings back in 2010. He also competed in the Summer Olympics back in 2016.



The Rise and Rise of Solange Knowles

It’s difficult to try and imagine what it must be like for Solange Knowles. For all of the singer’s adult life, she has been in the shadow of one of the most famous women in the entire world—her sister Beyonce. There have been times that she has strived to make a name for herself; her song “T.O.N.Y.” is just one example of her music that truly made fans warm up to her. However, it was just last year that Solange truly stepped into the spotlight on her own.


The title, A Seat at the Table, was perhaps a reference to the fact that Solange wants to be seen and heard for who she is—and not just what her famous family represents. With dazzling mentions from Pitchfork and other exciting platforms, it wasn’t long before this incredible new album was attracting major attention. It hit so hard, in fact, that Solange was even asked to perform on “Saturday Night Live”—a huge step up for an artist who has been trying to garner some buzz for a long time now.


Of course, it doesn’t hurt that some of the other featured artists on the new album are major industry heavyweights. With appearances from Q Tip, The Dream, Lil Wayne, Kelly Rowland and more, this collection of songs is definitely not lacking in star power. “Cranes in the Sky” might be the breakout hit of the album, among many songs that deserve major notice from the industry. In a music world that has strived to define her in the same box as her sister, Solange Knowles has risen to the occasion and proved that she is her own woman.

The Magic of Ciara: Singer Debuting New Album in 2017

Although chanteuse Ciara has made more headlines for her personal life than her music in recent years, many have not forgotten what a glorious sound this sensational songbird can create. In 2017, we will once again be graced with the presence of Ciara’s songs, and her new album can’t come soon enough. For fans who have been awaiting new music since the 2014 release of Jackie, it’s definitely time for some new Ciara tunes.


After all, very few singers have the technical talent and gravitas that Ciara possesses. Ever since she first popped up on the music scene back in 2004, hip-hop fans and R&B lovers alike have been excited to groove to her tunes. Wowing the world with “Goodies” and “1,2 Step”, she put the world on notice that a new R&B princess was in town. In fact, the title couldn’t be more fitting; Ciara’s full birth name is Ciara Princess Wilson.


Whether she’s doing music videos, selling out shows or making appearances, there are very few performers who can command a crowd the way Ciara can. With a unique blend of talent, showmanship and visual appeal, this brilliant woman is one of the select individuals who will undoubtedly continue to captivate crowds for years to come. With the R&B sound evolving so much over the past three years, it’s anyone’s guess what her album will sound like this time around. The only thing that we know for sure is how eagerly her fans will be awaiting it.

A Look at a Hot New R&B Video

Rolling Stone Magazine has a video clip of the latest single, “Party Monster,” from R&B star the Weeknd and a corresponding review on their website. The review is mostly positive and praises the effectiveness of the highly stylized imagery in the video while saying little about the music itself.


“Party Monster” is essentially a story song where the narrator wakes up after a night of overindulgence with a girl whose name he doesn’t even know. The video, which pays homage to the 1990s film “Thelma & Louise” depicts the Weeknd himself moving through a desert landscape haunted by a beautiful girl. The Weeknd flashes back mentally to the good times at a strip club and other party locales that led to the mysterious circumstances he finds himself in while watching fast cars glide across the arid landscape.


Perhaps the most striking thing about the video is its use of neon colors in coordination with the music. The neon images change quickly, creating a pleasant contrast with the smooth, synthesized R&B groove. The music pulsates, and the listener feels as if they are on the dance floor at a club.


The message of the song is a bit ambiguous. Does the Weeknd feel that he’s become too much of a party monster or is he just rolling with the good times? It’s hard to say. Personally, my favorite part of the video is when the Weeknd confronts some kind of big cat – perhaps a puma or cougar – that leaps out of a television screen at him.


The whole video is well worth checking out; it’s my belief that the Weeknd has a good career ahead of him. I’ve always liked his work, and I think that it’s good for the diversity of the R&B genre that he’s from Canada.