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How Rick Smith CEO of Securus Pursued his Career in the Corporate World.

Rick Smith is a renowned leader who currently lives in North Carolina. In his youthful days, he was privileged to join the University of Rochester Simon School where he pursued his passion in business. Rick Smith earned a postgraduate degree in business administration from the institution and furthered his studies at the State University of New York, where he acquired an advanced degree in mathematics and an associate degree in applied science electrical engineering.

After finalizing his university education, Mr. Smith used his academic credentials to secure various job opportunities in the corporate world. He got his first workplace in 1972 at Global North America Inc., where he worked for several years before joining Frontier Information Technologies. Rick Smith was appointed as chief information officer until his departure from the company. He later sought for greener pastures at Frontier Corp, where he got an employment opportunity as president. Mr. Smith worked at the organization for over two decades before joining Midwest Telephone Operation in 1998. Rick’s resilience towards success made him rise through the ranks, from chief financial officer to president of Midwest Telephone Operation. Rick Smith advanced in his career and joined Eschelton Inc. as a chief operating officer. In 2003 he got a promotion and became the chief executive officer. He previously served the company as president and chief financial officer. The electrical engineer served the company for six years before resigning to join Securus Technologies.

Rick Smith’s experience and leadership skills made him be the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, where he currently works. Alongside being the CEO of the firm, he is the president as well as a member of the executive board. Rick is always on the forefront in ensuring that the company offers quality security services to correctional facilities across the United States. Under his stewardship, the enterprise has grown and expanded its services in investigations, monitoring and ensuring that the public is safe. His entry to the firm led to an increased number of clients who include business owners, public security agencies, business owners and correction groups.

Through Securus Technologies, Rick Smith pursues his passion for technology. He ensures that clients of the firm are provided with top-notch technological solutions that help in curbing crime. Correctional facilities across the United States can access communications services, which allow inmates to communicate with their families. The company provides a platform that keeps prisoners in touch with social issues that arise in the outside world. Rick Smith helped the firm in acquiring Jpay Inc, which enabled the company to automate payments. He is currently serving as a board member of Integra Telecom Company Limited. The electrical engineer is featured in several journals where he comments on financial issues.

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