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T-Pain is Coming

T-Pain’s newest hit, ‘See Me Comin’, is an aggressive song that reminds listeners of the ups and downs of his career. His lyrics reminisce about his youthful times and how he has transitioned to the top of the hip hop game. Accompanied by a melodic beat and hard hitting drums, T-Pain cements his legacy as an auto tune genius with this piece. ‘See Me Comin’ has been commended by critics for a steady beat and promising longevity. When it comes to the hottest hits, T-Pain has shown again and again that he has mastered this genre of music. This song is part of his latest album, Stoicville: The Phoenix, that was teased in early 2015. In recent interviews, the artist has said that the delay was due to tour dates and VIP events. Now that he has resumed his regular schedule, the album should showcase a wide variety of styles and featured artists. On Billboard, ‘See Me Comin’ has surged to the top 100 and will likely remain there for a while. Similar singles have thrived during the spring months of music where fast paced songs are the most popular. Although T-Pain has shifted his sound over the years, the fundamental tones are still there. Listeners will be pleased to hear a raspy voice during intermissions and a smooth call during the chorus. Overall, ‘See Me Comin’ has been a tremendous success that is supported by a music video. We can visualize the difficulties of T-Pain’s life and how he works to provide a life for the future.

Big TLC Fan? New Music Is Headed Your Way

If you’re a fan of nineties R&B girl groups, T.L.C. is likely at the top of your list. They had a string of major hits and enjoyed a great deal of success for several years. However, since that time, they have largely stayed out of the limelight. This has left behind a huge void that the most devoted T.L.C. fans have surely felt.


That’s why when news broke that T.L.C. was hitting the studio again to record an album, so many people were chomping at the bit to get a listen to it. Although there have been delays and the record seems to have taken much longer than expected to complete, a Rolling Stone magazine article wrote that the group announced that the album will drop on June 30,2017.


This is incredible news, especially in light of the fact that the group hasn’t released new music since 2003. Even with such a large absence, fans of the group showed their loyalty by donating a whopping $430,000 dollars to a Kicklighter funding campaign to come up with the money necessary to fund a new album. The duo’s manager says that they’ve been working extra hard to try to meet the stated drop date and that this will be their last and final album.


I don’t know about you, but I plan to do whatever it takes to get this album. Whether it means standing in line at the music store, camping out overnight outside of a big box retailer or even making multiple calls to radio stations in hopes of scoring an autographed copy. T.L.C. represents everything so many people love about the nineties and this album is sure to bring back a bit of nostalgia from that time. Much love and success to the group and hopefully this album will be one for the history books.


7 R&B Songs That Are Lighting Up the Charts

The year is approaching its halfway point, and the R&B sector is on fire. Here are seven of the hottest songs in the industry thus far.


  1. Chris Brown – “Privacy”

The celebrated recording artist has been in the industry for more than a decade and knows what people love. “Privacy” is a hit as it gives reference to “Tight Up Skirt” by Red Rat. The Dancehall classic was a hit back in the day, and Chris’ latest single is following in “Tight Up Skirt’s” footsteps.


  1. Nicki Minaj – “Regret in Your Tears”

Minaj released “Regret in Your Tears” in March, and it has taken off ever since. Many fans cannot get enough of Nicki’s vocals featured on top of a Caribbean tune.


  1. Frank Ocean – “Chanel”

Some believe that Frank Ocean’s latest single is a hint of the artist’s plans to release another album. Regardless of whether or not Ocean has another project on the horizon, “Chanel” is a track that can stand on its own.


  1. Kanye West – “Bed Yeezy Season 5”

Kanye West’s latest installment is a gift to the industry. The hit single features The-Dream on its track and is poised to make waves for years to come.


  1. Trey Songz – “Nobody Else But You”

Trey Songz’s long awaited album, Tremaine: The Album is in the works. In the meantime, fans can enjoy “Nobody Else But You.”


  1. Alicia Keys – “That’s What’s Up”

What better way to celebrate your 33rd birthday than with a hit song? Alicia Keys released “That’s What’s Up” just in time for her special day and remnants of Kanye West’s “So Alive” are present.


  1. Sampha – “(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano”

Sampha’s emotional track brings out every feeling. The piano drives the song while the lyrics convey Sampha’s heartfelt message.


Chance the Rapper Starts New Foundation for Illinois Schools

It was only a month ago that Chance the Rapper was starting to have a negative image with a governor. This rapper had promised that he would do something to help Chicago and hadn’t come through. However, I have to say that this rapper even offering is a cut above what most would do. Chance the Rapper did have a plan and recently he showed everyone what he planned to do.


The New Chance Arts and Literature Fund was created by this superstar to help to fund arts programs. This fund will go to the schools that are most in need of an arts department within their schools. In addition, Chance the Rapper has stated he plans on donating one million dollars of his own money to Chicago public schools.


The governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, had sent out a tweet congratulating the rapper on his recent Grammy win. Chance the Rapper was the recent winner of the Best New Artist award. The rapper responded with a request to setup a meeting to discuss the state of schools in Illinois. Rauner agreed to the meeting between the two men. However, the meeting did not go as well at all between Rauner and Chance the Rapper.


After the meeting was over, Chance stated that he didn’t like the answers he received from the governor. One thing that could have drawn the ire of Chance the Rapper was Rauner vetoing a bill that would have allowed for more money for schools in Illinois. One of the most shocking parts of the meeting was when Chance the Rapper was heard by an NBC reporter telling Rauner to “do your job.”


It appears that Chance the Rapper took the negative tone of the meeting in stride with his new plan. It appears that the relationship between Chance the Rapper and Chicago couldn’t be stronger.


Rick Ross Album Debuts High

The music industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. While most people are unable to gain the following and fandom necessary to make it big, there are a select few artists that always seem to be at the top of the charts. While it can be a very challenging career to pursue, Rick Ross is one musician that always seems to find himself at the top of the charts.


Per a recent news article (, Rick Ross has a new album out that is already listed among the leaders in the Billboard 100. Rick Ross had a very highly anticipated album called Rather You Than Me, which has jumped out of the gates to make a lot of money in sales. Based on the chart results dated at the end of March, he is currently number two on the Top 100 list.


The results of his new album have been very positive overall. The album in the last week sold the equivalent of 106,000 album units, which is one of the highest results of the year so far. Rick Ross is by no means new to the Top 100 list. This is the 12th time that he has been on the top 100 list since he first debuted in 2006. It is also the 10th time that he has appeared in the top 10.


While Ross had a very good rating and ranking for his album, some of the individual singles on the album have done well as well. The newest single on the album is Trap Trap Trap, which has been available for more than a week ahead of the rest of the album. This record has individual cracked the Top 100 list and has seen over 7.3 million different streams domestically in the past week, which is a 230 percent increase compared to the prior week. The popularity has also been helped by the release of the music video, which is quickly becoming one of the most watched videos on YouTube today.



Cafe Dedicated to Tupac Coming to New York

Tupac Shakur was certainly a rapper with a lot of ambition. One of the projects that Tupac wanted to complete, before his tragic death, was opening an eatery. This pop-up cafe will be named Powamekka Cafe and is set to open in New York City. Powamekka cafe is inspired by Tupac’s own personal inspirations, collected from his old writings. This cafe is heading to New York City because of the upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies. Tupac Shakur will be an inductee this year with Snoop Dogg speaking on his behalf. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony will be taking place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.


The Powamekka cafe will be appearing within Sweet Chick, a restaurant owned by rapper Nas. Visitors to New York City can visit the Tupac-inspired eatery from April 7th-9th. There are many Tupac pictures and memorabilia to be found within the Powamekka Cafe. The New York City arrival of the Powamekka Cafe will be the second time this pop-up cafe has made an appearance. The Powamekka Cafe was originally seen in Los Angeles, California.


The original Los Angeles Powamekka Cafe had delicious sounding menu items. I would love to try a California Love Chicken Sandwich or Thug Passion Cake Pops. The previously mentioned items are real items from the Los Angeles Powamekka Cafe. Tupac’s notebooks are where the inspiration for the Powamekka cafe came from. Tupac, in a quote obtained from Rolling Stone, wanted to start an eatery that was “peaceful but lavish and comfortable.” I believe there will be many of Tupac’s fans that will visit the Powamekka Cafe. This cafe will only be open for two days which likely means there will be long lines.


It is great to see Tupac finally getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He can now take his place alongside other legends of the world of music. The inclusion of Powamekka Cafe in New York City will be a great stop for Tupac fans this weekend. Tupac is a rapper who continues to innovate his legacy, long after his tragic death.


Usher Joins The Roots for Another Charity Concert

The Roots performed with Usher on Friday night for the star-studded Stand for Rights: A Benefit for the ACLU. The fundraiser streamed live on Facebook and featured comedians and actors such as Tina Fey, Tom Hanks and Alec Baldwin as well as musical acts such as Ryan Adams and Norah Jones. Lasting for four hours, the fundraiser was considered a success, raising nearly $150,000 for the American Civil Liberties Union.


Performing the 1970 protest song “Cherrystones” by Eugene McDaniels, the Roots and Usher recalled the era when many people thought that the time for political activism had passed. Black Thought started the song by altering the lyrics to more modern ones talking about citizens being lazy under the administration. Usher took over after this and took the crowd by storm, singing the lyrics of “Cherrystones” to a roaring applause.


This latest show comes on the heels of rumors that the Roots are in the midst of recording an album with Usher. In September, Questlove, the Roots’ drummer, gave an interview with Fuse TV and stated that he had “…major musical projects that I’m working on that I can’t really talk about.”


The band has also backed up Usher in many other recent concerts. They played together at Montreal’s Global Citizen Benefit Concert in September. This was followed in October by a gig together at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas, the musical concert that closes the Formula One United State Grand Prix. In early March, they played together on the second night of Okeechobee Art and Musical Festival in Florida.


Thus far, there has been no official announcement, but since Usher is playing so much with the Roots recently and the band is currently recording, the rumors are most likely going to continue.


Both Usher and the Roots are Grammy Award winners with a plethora of album sales. They are widely considered a great combination and both are well-known for working with other artists. With the Roots skill at playing nearly any genre of music and Usher’s great voice and showmanship, the combination has been highly successful in generating press and raising money for charity.


Key to City of Detroit Presented to Rapper Big Sean

Big Sean is a rapper that certainly knows the importance of giving back. In the beginning of March, Sean started Mogul Prep, a company made to help children. Mogul Prep has been created to help low-income children learn more about the business side of the music world. Currently, more Mogul Prep events are planned to take place in Baltimore, Maryland and Atlanta, Georgia. The first Mogul Prep event happened in Detroit, Michigan.


The Flint water crises was another event that Big Sean wanted to help out with. The rapper donated $100,000 of his own money to help the families involved in the current situation in Flint. In addition, Big Sean also had a recording studio constructed within his old school, in Michigan, for everyone to be able to use. Big Sean continues to show the world the importance of giving back with all of his recent charitable actions.


The Mayor of Detroit knew how hard Big Sean had been working for his community. Recently, a ceremony was held to present Big Sean with his very own key to Detroit. The creation of Mogul Prep, in addition to his donations, are all reasons behind Big Sean receiving this enormous award. Big Sean was quick to post pictures and his very own statement about this honor on Instagram.


Big Sean is only one of three people to receive the key to this legendary city. The other two people who have received this honor in the past were Stevie Wonder and Berry Gordy, placing Big Sean alongside legendary peers. Sean’s continuing help for his city of Detroit have earned him the honor of being the youngest person to ever receive the key to Detroit. In addition to thanking Detroit and the mayor, Big Sean also thanked his mother for being a great teacher.


Big Sean Awarded Key to Detroit

Big Sean is Awarded Detroit’s Key to the City


It’s not uncommon for musical artists to be honored and given awards for their work, especially by members of the government. Rapper Big Sean can now be added to this long list.


On this past Saturday afternoon, Big Sean was awarded the key to the city of Detroit, which also happens to be his native city. A huge part of this honor happened to be because of the many contributions he made through the Sean Anderson Foundation.


When asked about the dubious honor, Big Sean simply said that he was given one of the highest honors that a person can receive, that being the key to the city. He wrote this on his Instagram account and added that the mayor had only given it to two other people before him, and they were Stevie Wonder and Berry Gordy. In fact he was also the youngest person ever to be given this honor.


Earlier this past month, Big Sean launched a program called “Mogul Prep,” which was a series of small workshops meant to teach middle and high school students who came from lower-income backgrounds. The lessons taught would be about all of the inner workings and behind the scenes subjects in relation to the business side of the music industry. The first class from Mogul Prep took place on a Saturday afternoon in Detroit not too long before Big Sean was holding a concert at Fox Theatre in the city. Other seminars would take place in other cities such as Miami, Baltimore and Atlanta.


Big Sean went on to say about the program, that the mayor honored him for his work in motivating the city through his music and messaging for the program. He added that his work with the program would be applied to the Detroit Public Schools system in the fall and would be expanding into Baltimore. He also took the time to donate $100,000 to the city of Flint for its ongoing poisoned water crisis.


Chance Did Amazing On Good Morning America

The rapper Chance recently performed on Good Morning America. He performed his hit song “Summer Friends.” The crowd loved it. There more people in the studio than normal, and there were more people than normal watching from home, too. Chance did something very special with his song. He had his producers use certain technology to make the song sound more amazing. The result was his voice sounding like a robot and the piano sounding like glass.


The rapper Chance also gave an interview with the host of Good Morning America. He talked about how he plans to have a new album coming out soon. He also discussed how he plans to have a different style than all other rappers in the industry. Chance further stated that many rappers talk about the same thing today. Chance went on to mention that hip-hop has a trend to not talk about certain subjects within music. One of these subjects is God. Chance stated that he plans to break this barrier with songs that directly talk about God. Chance loves the fact that he is creative enough to share his faith through his music.


Chance was applauded by the hosts of Good Morning America and all the fans in and outside the studio. This applause came after it was announced that Chance was the first rapper to break Billboard records with a stream-only album. No other rapper has ever come close to the amount of music Chance has sold through the Internet. Chance explained how the Internet is putting many music stores out of business. According to Chance, rappers can only make reasonable money through performing or selling music on the Internet. Chance can remember selling his home-made compact disks and cassette tapes on the street. He is sad to admit those days are over and are not coming back.


Chance concluded his interview by telling everyone where they can purchase his new music online. He also signed many autographs before he left the building. The Good Morning America hosts stated they loved having Chance on the show, and they hope to have him on the show again in the future. Rumors are circling that Chance does have a desire to go onto the Good Morning America show in the future.