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Rapper J.Cole Releases Album Calling Out Particular Group of Artists

Rapper J. Cole has recently been the subject of several news articles as he released his newest album, Dreamville. In a song on the album, the rapper makes pointed remarks about the ability of white artist like Justin Timberlake, Iggy Azalea, and Eminem to succeed in the historically black rap and r&b music industry. The album has received both positive and negative feedback, with many album purchasers identifying strongly with the overall message presented in the Dreamville album. The album leaked online earlier in the month, but is expected to be available for download in a matter of weeks. J. Cole has made no comments regarding the feedback his album received and the rappers and r&b artists who were mentioned in his newest album have not yet been available for comment.


  1. Cole rose to prominence after releasing a popular mixtape in early 2007. The rapper was quickly signed to Jay Z’s record label and went on to produce three best selling albums in less than five years. J. Cole has become known for his witty use of current events and topic in his raps. Though his lyrics are often controversial, they are usually considered thought provoking and worthy of attention by a diverse group of people. In 2010, J. Cole was included in the list of the 50 Great Breakthrough Artists of the Year. This award cemented the rappers status as one of the most thoughtful and insightful rappers of his age.


Because J. Cole has amassed a large amount of accolades and praise during his short career, his commentary on the social events of the day often reach a large group of people. Almost every news outlet, including both conservative and liberal outlets, have commented on the rappers newest album and the statements he makes about society in it. The rapper has previously stated that he considers it his responsibility to comment about social issues and to encourage United States citizens to speak out about injustice. J. Cole hopes to continue to encourage insightful thought about the political and social climate through the development and release of popular music.