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Rapper Chuck D Assembles New Act

Rapper Chuck D, best known for his work with Public Enemy in the 1980s, has put together a new musical act composed of members of rock band Rage Against the Machine and rappers Cypress Hill. The new act is called Prophets of Rage, and its members have long admired each other’s work. Rolling Stone Magazine has an interview with Chuck D on its website about his new act and related topics.

Chuck D says that he’s not expecting fans to love the new act without hearing it first, and he says it’s natural to be skeptical about such a large group made up of so many diverse personalities. Essentially, he’s acknowledging that, on the surface, Prophets of Rage might appear to be a case of too many cooks in the kitchen. However, the groups first shows – held at clubs in Los Angeles – have been raging successes by all accounts.

Vocalist Zack De La Rocha is writing the bulk of the group’s lyrics, but he is not going on stage with Prophets of Rage. Rather, Chuck D is fronting performances, and this is a role that he’s accustomed to from his many appearances with Public Enemy.

Prophets of Rage perform their own original material as well as hits from the catalogs of its members other acts, and this should make them highly popular on the road. Personally, I’d really like to hear this new group play live.