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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Release Chilling “Drug Dealer”

Rap pop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis recently released a new song titled “Drug Dealer” that addresses a serious issue affecting Americans today. Along with singer Ariana DeBoo, they sing about the dangers and trials of opioid addiction and call out pharmaceutical companies for the part they play in Americans’ abuse of prescription drugs. The song names a number of famous musicians who were lost too soon due to accidental overdoses, including Prince, Amy Winehouse, and Michael Jackson. The poignant chorus warns “My drug dealer was a doctor, doctor / Had the plug from big pharma, pharma / I think he trying to kill me, kill me / He tried to kill me for a dollar, dollar.”


The song was released just ahead of the rapper’s MTV special titled Prescription for Change: Ending America’s Opioid Crisis. The special aired on October 11 at 9 pm on MTV and is available to watch in full on the channel’s website. In the show, Macklemore makes a visit to the Interagency Recovery School, a school for teens who are in recovery but want to finish their education. It also explains the rise and fall of drug addiction in America, when prescription pill abuse really rose, and the especially bad effects of opioid abuse on the body. The rapper even makes a visit to the White House to discuss America’s opioid addiction epidemic with President Obama.


This is not the first time Macklemore has addressed this issue. Last year’s “Kevin” recounts the life of a friend who struggled with prescription drug abuse and died of an overdose. Both songs also come from the rapper’s own addiction to and recovery from opioid addiction.