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The Over Analysis of a Marriage Through “4:44”

There is a lot of talk about the brand new “4:44” album that Jay-Z has released. The title track is about his marriage, but he goes through other subjects on the album. Strangely, this is only marriage track on the album, but it is dominant. This is the topic of conversation when it comes to the new album. This is what people want to know about. They are interested in the way that the entire affair unfolded.

This is one of the more fascinating albums of 2017 so far, and this is largely because it is linked to a whole new issue that is pertaining to the life of Jay-Z. It addresses the affair privately, but he also talks about the friendship failure with Kanye West. He has also been able to throw shots at other rappers in the game like Future. People wonder what this is all about, but most of it is speculation. It has become one of those sensationalized stories that speaks to people from different walks of life.

The great thing about the album is that it leaves a lot of room for discussion. This album is a huge conversation starter. It is hard for people to hear it and not want to talk about it. This album is the raw emotional of Jay-Z. This is the most honest that he has ever been as an artist. He wanted to make people to see inside of his life.

Jay-Z worked his way to the top, and he has exposed how he fell from grace with Beyonce. He has stated that he neglected his marriage, and now it is coming back to make amends with his wife. Jay-Z has apologized and gave some deep thought about what he has done. This is a very remorseful Jay-Z.

The Evolution of Shawn Carter

Shawn Carter is getting a lot of accolades for his honesty. He has been having a great year so far. He is the father of twins that were born recently, and his new album has already gone platinum.

There is a lot of talk about what Jay-Z has been saying in his lyrics, but that is just the start of the analysis of the album. In the loops that are running in the background it is clear that there is still a soulful sound. Some people that are hearing it for the first time may even connect with the whole “Blueprint” album that he put forth almost 2 decades ago. It would be a long gain between this sound and the sound of the new material, but No I.D. put in the work. He put in the time to improve upon his skills. Quincy Jones inspired Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. There was a connection between Jay-Z and No I.D. that would really give the album a totally familiar sound. Still, with the lyrics that were being addressed people had to know that this was not the same. This was the evolution of Jay-Z.

As an adult Jay-Z has proven that he has more to talk about than the street life. He is a reflective rapper that doesn’t try to find in any young age bracket with this album. Carter is much more concerned about setting the standard. He is not trying to emulate what everyone else is doing. He is not trying to actually put an album together with many hits for the radio. Carter was much more interested in telling his story in a way that was pure. He stuck with one producer – a rare thing for Jay-Z – throughout the whole album, and the result is a masterpiece.

Jay-Z Reaches Another Milestone With 4:44

It’s fair to say that Jay-Z is one of the best hip-hop artists of all time. As a solo artist, he has more number one albums than anyone else in music history. True hip-hop fans know that The Jigga Man will continue to make an effort to raise the bar in the industry.

Jay-Z’s new album, 4:44, is the legend’s 13th studio album. To be honest, some were shocked that he released this album at this time. With the birth of newborn twins, one would imagine that his personal life would not give him enough time to create and promote a new album. Jay continues to prove that he should never be underestimated.

The 4:44 album made a big splash during its first week on the market. It secured the number one spot on the Billboard 200. This hot new album managed to move 262,000 units. This is extremely impressive when you consider the fact that Jay has been in the business for over 25 years. It’s very hard for hip hop artists to stay relevant for a long period of time. For example, the chances of L.L. Cool J. releasing another album are extremely slim.

With Tidal and promotional giveaways at his disposal, it’s fair to say that 4:44 will continue to do well in the upcoming months. The numbers show that 4:44 is the fourth best début album of the year. Kendrick Lamar’s album (DAMN) reigns supreme at the moment.

Jay-Z has emerged as a talented rap artist and music mogul. After listening to 4:44, one must admit that he hasn’t lost his touch. This new album shows that Jay can smash bars and flow on any beat with ease. Will he pull another ace out of his sleeve soon?

De La Soul’s Latest Video Breaks Barriers

Hip-hop legends De La Soul recently recorded a track called “Drawn.” This song features Little Dragon, a critically acclaimed alternative R&B band. This song is highlighted by a wonderful performance from Yukimi Nagano, Little Dragon’s lead singer. Despite Nagano’s lush and beautiful vocal performance, this is a a fairly dark and experimental video. The video was directed by J. Anders Urmacher, an up-and-coming director who may achieve much over the course of his career. “Drawn” is the latest single from De La Soul’s most recent album, “And The Anonymous Nobody.” This classic hip-hop band is undertaking a fairly extensive tour over the summer and fall of 2017.


It is gratifying to see that De La Soul has continued to produce high-quality material. Fortunately, the activities of this group have been covered by a variety of mainstream music journalists. Without doubt, it seems that De La Soul is poised to continue achieving critical and commercial acclaim for many years to come. I believe this group has certainly earned its status as a deeply influential and well-respected musical act. This group first achieved massive success in the late 1980s when they released “3 Feet High And Rising,” a seminal 80s hip-hop record.


I must admit that De La Soul initially achieved recognition for their unusual fashion sense. Unlike most of their peers in rap, this group gravitated towards tie-dye, vibrant colors and imposing hats. Many people compared this group’s image to the colorful fashions of the 1960s and the aesthetic commonly called “flower power.” Fortunately, De La Soul went on to achieve enormous critical and commercial success. Indeed, this group is one of the most lyrically advanced groups in the history of this dynamic music genre. Besides simply representing a fine example for American rap artists, De La Soul is arguably a huge influence for hip-hop artists throughout the world.


Ice Cube Joins Interscope Records

As of yesterday, Ice Cube has joined Interscope Records. The rap symbol has marked an arrangement with Interscope Records, joining Dr. Dre as a business powerhouse. Ice Cube will keep on operating his Lench Mob Records freely, however, future tasks will have the sponsorship of Interscope. On Friday, his last three collections were discharged through the Lench Mob system after his takeoff from Priority Records. Ice Cube’s final outreach to Interscope will be the re-arrival of his great collection Death Certificate, which initially dropped in October 1991. The refreshed adaptation is being charged as a 25th-commemoration release and will incorporate three new tracks. The rapper says that there are great things in store for both him and the company. He is currently working on his final album that will mark an end of an era for his career. Once it is finished, he has plans to move on to other venues in the music industry. Signing with Interscope Records is an important piece of the puzzle that will lead to even more accomplishments. Over the past few years, Ice Cube has gone relatively unnoticed as he dealt with personal issues and collaborations with other musicians. This has given him time to find his inner self, The rapper claimed, “these projects…great stresses yet great sources of joy”. While many people attribute Ice Cube with fast paced lyrics and a raspy voice, the musician is also able to find peace with the industry. Interscope Records will give him a background to take steps and climb even higher.


Drake’s New Playlist Aims To Promote The Grime Genre

Recently, Drake released a playlist called “More Life,” which features some of the most talented artists in the British music genre called grime. Without doubt, the artists Drake selected for this playlist are among the most exciting artists working in Britain today. Grime is a very interesting form of music that combines rap and hip-hop with a hyperactive, electronic sound elements. Although grime was created in London, this genre is a multi-faceted form of music that can appeal to people from many countries.

Artists featured on “More Life” include Skepta, Sampha and Giggs. Though Drake has loved urban British music for quite some time, this is Drake’s most high-profile tribute to grime so far. If anyone has the star power to get America listening to a new type of urban music, it is Drake. Without doubt, Drake is enormously influential in modern popular music. Although some feel that Drake is a bit too emotional for his own good, I think that this artist is heartfelt enough to overcome his occasional tendency to overshare. It was an interesting choice for Drake to release a playlist instead of a mixtape. By releasing “More Life” as a playlist, Drake shows that he is willing to explore new territory when it comes to branding and categorization. Although Drake’s own music follows some very familiar patterns, the artists featured in “More Life” are bound to feel incredibly fresh and original to most American listeners.

This is far from the first time that influential people have tried to introduce grime to a broader American audience. During the 1990s, many music writers felt that grime artist Tricky was set to make it big in the United States. I sincerely hope that Drake’s new release will achieve mass appeal. Although many music journalists have expressed interest in “More Love,” the public might not follow suit.

Rapper Kodak Black Makes Video Under House Arrest

The young rapper Kodak Black made news recently. Just one week ago he was released from prison. In imitation of Gucci Mane, he created a music video while under house arrest. The name of the song featured in the video is “There He Go.” In the video, he is filmed hanging out with friends and dancing around. The 19 year old was born and raised In Pompano Beach, Florida. He appears happy in the video and uses provocative lines that surprise you.

He was released into house arrest after paying $100,000 in bail money to the state of South Carolina. The rapper says that he is happy to be home with his family and friends. He is grateful for the love and support of his fans and wants to focus on creating more music. He is eager for the chance to clear his name and do good work in the future. He has long said that his goal in life is to be the illest rapper alive. Fans can look to his Instagram account for news on a fresh tape that he will be releasing. He says that he is working tirelessly each day to put new music out there. He also stated that “If God Is With You Who Can Be Against You.” You can read more about Kodak Black and his music here.

Kanye West on an Odyssey to finish ‘The Saint Pablo’ Tour

It goes without saying that the last few months of 2016 were quite awful for Yeezy. The ‘Jesus Walks’ rapper had a year marred with personal mishaps which included his wife, Kim Kardashian West, being robbed in Paris in October. This was followed by an astounding cancellation of the eagerly awaited ‘Saint Pablo Tour’ in the United Kingdom. To cap it all off, Kanye West was hospitalized in Los Angeles and placed on a psychiatric hold in November. All I have to say is, ‘What a year!’


Kanye West has maintained an uncharacteristically low profile over the past few days. He asserted that he wants to focus on family and further mentioned that he prioritizes his children over any other thing. Yeezy looks forward to batten his parenting skills to a level as great as his lyrical prowess and become a good dad to his children.


Despite all the excruciating moments that 2016 had to proffer, Kanye West shook off the dust off his shirt and seems more vibrant, rejuvenated and exhilarated. Yeezy’s fans should be prospective of surprises from the Grammy Award Winner which would include more music and The Saint Pablo Tour. Kanye also intends to complete working on his fashion line.


Sources informed E! News that Kanye wants to finish the tour since he has a tremendous and inexplicable passion for it. Kanye shall hopefully make up for the time he missed during his hospitalization.


I remember being personally disappointed when the ‘Famous’ deacon of words cancelled the remaining dates of The Saint Pablo Tour; I would bet my life that virtually every Yeezy die-hard was equally disappointed. Well, Yeezy is back to give us all a treat! Buckle up, folks, this shall be epic!

Lil Wayne Considered Performing Christian Rap After Prison

Lil Wayne has recently launched his book, ‘Gone ‘Til November: A Journal of Rikers Island’. to the world, and in it he discussed how he had once considered performing Christian Hip Hop instead of the gangster-themed rap lyrics he spits now.


While serving his eight month prison sentence for weapons charges, the rapper said he was able to face many of the demons that were plaguing his mind. He used this time spent behind bars to help others and discover exactly where his creativity and music came from. In the end, it was not drugs or women that caused the young rapper to be so creative and have the ability to flow. Instead, it was all inside him, according to his book.


At first, during his stay at Rikers Island, Wayne was responsible for letting the local Correctional Officers know if anyone could be considered a danger to themselves or to others or were trying to commit suicide.


While battling with his own demons and focusing on improving his mental health, Wayne turned to faith behind the prison bars. In his new book, he writes about having received a letter from the church that urged him to use his music and art to preach the Holy Spirit.


“I would truly have the power of having pop culture turn to God,” Wayne said. “I would have straight killers in church every Sunday.”


Although Wayne did seriously consider this -transition into a role of faith and Christian rap lyrics- he felt that, in the end, where he was at his current time was all a part of the overall journey he was committed to taking through life.

This Savage Life

The meteoric ascent of Atlanta based rapper 21 Savage has been something to behold. A magnetic, albeit controversial figure, Savage never appears to be playing a character. His attitude in unflappable. In interviews he appears unsparingly honest, even vulnerable. Look no further then his interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’ as reviewed here: Your text to link… in which he delves into deeply personal, tragic events without pause. In an industry largely occupied by performers prone to self-aggrandizement and dramatization, 21 Savage is a breathe of fresh air. His tales of ‘trap life’ and the pitfalls of gun violence are anything but glamorous. If one were to compare him to another artist, he is something like DMX of the deep south. Like X, 21 Savage can stand alone. 21 Savage is the opposite of ‘thirsty’. He isn’t concerned whether you like him or not, nor is he concerned with the latest hip-hop trends or brand recognition. He doesn’t need the approval of the consumer. At no point does Savage feel the need to explain himself, to wax poetic about the trauma he’s endured. Most recently, he released his most powerful work to date, a nine-track album produced by Metro Boomin entitled ‘Savage Life’. A fierce piece of work that is unrepentant, occasionally tender and occasionally terrifying. The production suits 21 Savage’s delivery perfectly. The album is haunting and sparse, both infectious and ice-cold. The lyrics recount moments of horrific violence interspersed with heartbreak. Ultimately 21 Savage, no matter how you cut it, is an artist to be revered and recognized. He is a poet of the trap, a true original and ‘Savage Life’ is his opus.