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Rap Gods, Kanye West and Drake, Join Forces

Respect is often the greatest gift and compliment that a person can provide another with. In this particular case, Drake has always been quoted describing the utmost respect that he has for Kanye West. In 2009, in fact, Drake told MTV in an interview that he gives credit to Kanye for shaping the foundation of his own music career. He even called Kanye, “The most influential musician he has ever had in his life.” Alas, Drake was just reaching stardom, and only had the desire to meet ‘Ye. Today, however, the two are great friends.

The pair both performed at night two of OVO Festival on August 1, 2016. While the crowd was already amped that they got to witness two of the best rappers of the century simultaneously, they nearly lost it with excitement as Kanye asked them a pretty serious question.

“Are you ready for a new album?” Well, Yeezy, surely your fans are always ready for another album from you–what kind of question is that? Well, when Drake joined his good friend on stage, things became a bit more clear for audience members.

For clarification, Drake spoke on behalf of Kanye by asking if the crowd was ready for the power duo to make their first album together. Without a doubt, the cheering broke the sound barrier–ultimately answering the rap gods’ question!

While this is a work yet to be put in production, avid fans can probably expect this album to drop close to 2017. With the immeasurable talent demonstrated by these two, though, it would not be surprising to start hearing some stuff within the next few months.