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Sharp Moving to the Next Level with QNET

Sharp and QNET recently joined together to promote an air purifier through QNET’s online platform. The president of consumer business at Sharp, Kishalay Ray, stated that QNET has displayed innovations in the health and wellness product line over the last few years which is why Sharp feels like QNET is the right choice in distribution partnership for the air purifier line from Sharp. Also, Sharp feels that they are able to reach a sophisticated and established consumer network who are buying beauty, wellness, and health products through QNET which is whom the consumer trusts.

A spokesperson from QNET stated that Sharp-QNET partnership is a win-win situation for both of the companies. QNET is able to offer the niche product, Sharp-QNET Air Purifier, that fits QNET’s extensive philosophy on healthy living.

About QNET

Established in September 1998, QNET has grown into being the leaders in products of health, wellness, and beauty. QNET redefined the sales game by being one of the first Asian companies to welcome e-Commerce. Shortly after their lauching, they prospered tremendously throughout Asia, starting with Malaysia, Singapore, and India.

They also supported different causes and special events throughout the decades. They supported different Olympics, other popular worldwide sports, and empowered people with great opportunities to rise economically in entrepreneurship. With hard work and low overhead, these everyday people and their families’ lives have improved tremendously because of QNET. They have also been appointed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in being the FAO Gold Coins Programme’s exclusive agent.

As a result, QNET is well known around the world. They are delighted of their cultural and ethnic diversity, and their employees and leadership team came from over 30 different countries. Their customer base is in over 100 countries.

Besides their hard work, industry expertise, and dedication, QNET’s success derived from two important philosophies which include In-Service and RYTHM. Their founders were devout believers of Gandhi, the extraordinary activist, humanitarian, and leader. QNET has been truly inspired of Gandhi’s life and work. One of Gandhi’s teachings is RYTHM which is an acronym for Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. This philosophy empowers others to succeed to be successful, and that is the core of their business. Additionally, In-Service is a vital component of leadership in which QNET believes that the genuine hallmark of a leader is humbly serving others.