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Barbara Stokes Has Turned green Structure Homes Into A Success

Barbara Stokes owns the company Green Structure Homes alongside her husband, which co-founded the company along with her. Barbara and her husband have been running the company successfully for many years now, working all over the country to provide disaster relief to various different communities. Barbara has spent decades in her industry, so naturally, she is very experienced and knows how to handle pretty much all situations. She also knows everything there is to know about her company, including manufacturing, design, and materials. Read this article at

The company is still growing steadily these days, with new projects popping up all the time. Because of this, Green Structure Homes continues to provide more support to new states and has even built up a contract with FEMA totaling more than 28 million dollars.


Green Structure Homes is one of the top construction and disaster relief companies in the United States today. Much of this success for Barbara is credited to her education, learning all she needed from Mercer University. Barbara Stokes studied various different subjects during her time in college, including engineering, physics, manufacturing, management, and even thermodynamics. All of this has contributed to her skill as a businesswomen and construction company owner.

Barbara has always been involved in her own community in Huntsville, actively working to make the region a better area for the communities within it. Although she doesn’t have much spare time between running a company and being a successful businesswoman, Barbara enjoys spending time with her family, which includes three kids. Read more about Barbara Stokes at