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Cafe Dedicated to Tupac Coming to New York

Tupac Shakur was certainly a rapper with a lot of ambition. One of the projects that Tupac wanted to complete, before his tragic death, was opening an eatery. This pop-up cafe will be named Powamekka Cafe and is set to open in New York City. Powamekka cafe is inspired by Tupac’s own personal inspirations, collected from his old writings. This cafe is heading to New York City because of the upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies. Tupac Shakur will be an inductee this year with Snoop Dogg speaking on his behalf. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony will be taking place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.


The Powamekka cafe will be appearing within Sweet Chick, a restaurant owned by rapper Nas. Visitors to New York City can visit the Tupac-inspired eatery from April 7th-9th. There are many Tupac pictures and memorabilia to be found within the Powamekka Cafe. The New York City arrival of the Powamekka Cafe will be the second time this pop-up cafe has made an appearance. The Powamekka Cafe was originally seen in Los Angeles, California.


The original Los Angeles Powamekka Cafe had delicious sounding menu items. I would love to try a California Love Chicken Sandwich or Thug Passion Cake Pops. The previously mentioned items are real items from the Los Angeles Powamekka Cafe. Tupac’s notebooks are where the inspiration for the Powamekka cafe came from. Tupac, in a quote obtained from Rolling Stone, wanted to start an eatery that was “peaceful but lavish and comfortable.” I believe there will be many of Tupac’s fans that will visit the Powamekka Cafe. This cafe will only be open for two days which likely means there will be long lines.


It is great to see Tupac finally getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He can now take his place alongside other legends of the world of music. The inclusion of Powamekka Cafe in New York City will be a great stop for Tupac fans this weekend. Tupac is a rapper who continues to innovate his legacy, long after his tragic death.