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Betsy DeVos – One of the Leading Education Reformers in the United States

Betsy DeVos is one of the most influential personalities in the political landscape of the United States and has been an active reformer for over three decades since her college days. Betsy has led many political action committees, party organizations, and political campaigns successfully in her lifetime. During her college days, she has also served for almost six years as Chairman of the highly influential Michigan Republic Party. Seeing her achievements and activities, she has been engaged in over the years; it is easy to pick one constant attribute in her personality that Betsy has high reforming tendencies. Betsy DeVos is associated with many different charities and NGOs and also donates generously from her personal wealth as well as through her family foundation she started with her husband, Dick DeVos.

Betsy DeVos is a dynamic woman who is always on the go and has a creative solution to every problem she comes across, whether it is in business or her personal life. Recently, Betsy DeVos was also elected as the 11th Education Secretary of the United States in the cabinet of Donald Trump, the President of the United States. Apart from her political and social life and responsibilities, Betsy DeVos also serves as the chairman of Windquest Group, which is one of the most successful companies in its sector. Windquest Group invests heavily in different sectors, including clean energy, manufacturing, and technology. Husband of Betsy DeVos, Dick DeVos is also a famous personality in the political as well as corporate sphere of the United States and has previously served as the President of Amway Corporation. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

The father of Dick Devos, Richard DeVos, co-founded Amway Corporation, and Dick DeVos served various positions in the company, including being its President for a few years. However, Betsy and Dick DeVos started their firm by the name Windquest Group soon after and is a multi-company group that also manufactures closet organizers. Betsy DeVos is also attached to many different organizations that work towards the welfare of the communities and its people, including Kids Hope USA, Foundation for Excellence in Education, Mars Hill Bible Church, and DeVos Institute for Arts Management.

Betsy DeVos is highly popular in the United States for championing the cause of education and speaking her mind against the traditional education system prevalent in the country today. It is for this reason; Betsy’s family foundation named Dick and Betsy Family Foundation donates generously for the purpose of education reforms, and also helps many meritorious and underprivileged students to get the education they deserve. As the school secretary of the country, Betsy DeVos hopes to make some positive changes in the education sphere to help students get a quality education without having to pay exorbitant amounts of money. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Just Because She Has A Lot Of Money…..

Betsy Devos has been under a lot of scrutiny ever since her appointment as the Secretary of Education under Donald Trump. While this is understandable of anyone appointed to a high level cabinet position, Betsy DeVos seems to have gotten more than her share of media attention. This is, perhaps, because she is a member of the “Billionaire’s Club” that Trump is also a member of. If this is the case, which many people believe it is, then it is an unfair reason to put more scrutiny on a person simply because of their socio-economic standing. Read more on Los Angeles Times.

Would we highly scrutinize someone who only has a thousand dollars in their bank account? Probably not, we would praise the appointment as a move to put the “common man” in a position of importance on the president’s cabinet. People seem to judge those with massive amounts of money as people who are out of touch with the common man, and this is a very short-sighted judgement, as well as act that could easily be seen as painting someone with a very broad brush.

This is not to say that Betsy DeVos is not without character flaws or is not prone to bad judgement calls. What we need to keep in mind is how serious these shortcomings are in relation to the job she has now. She is in charge of the educational system in the United States of America. Some would argue that there is no other job more important than that, because it directly affects our children’s future. With enough research into legitimate and relevant sources, one can easily find that her faults, should, in no way negatively affect her performance in the job she has.

Her qualifications are firmly in place, her ethics are above average and those close to her will tell you that she has a genuine interest in the nature of her job and takes it very seriously. These are the qualities that we should be judging anyone by who is in a position of importance and influence to the degree that Mrs. DeVos is. Not by what their bank account looks like.

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Betsy DeVos Speaks Up About Philanthropy & Education Reform

In a recent interview with The Philanthropy Roundtable, noted philanthropist, education reformer and current Secretary of Education for the United States of America, sat down to speak about her experiences and thoughts on her primary issue – financial giving and educational choice.

The interviewer opened up the conversation by asking Ms. DeVos what her thoughts on the progress of school reform (for those unaware, Ms. DeVos has been a long time advocate of school choice and has vigorously opposed the common core schema) in America where. Ms. DeVos replied that she had never been more confident. She noted that one of the reasons why she was so confident in the future of education in America was twofold, firstly, the falling popularity of common core (the current unified, standardized education initiative of the United States) system as well as the rise in popularity of the school choice movement. She notes that there are now more than 250,000 students in over 33 different, public funded school options programs in seventeen states. As of the previous year the specific number of people who are enrolled in education option programs has increased by 40,000. Betsy DeVos believes the increase in public funded private school interest coincides directly with the increase of a collective realization that the public education edifice does not work and has not worked for some time.

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When asked by the interviewer about her philanthropic work Ms. DeVos responded that there was no single event that drew her into it, but rather a gradual series of events. She went on to elaborate on what she meant by saying that one of the most formative things to occur to her as regards her philanthropic work was her and her husband’s, Dick DeVos, numerous visits to the Potter’s House Christian School which has a long and storied history of helping the poor and the needy via numerous outreach programs and philanthropy work. She noted that, despite the grim challenges that Potter’s House was constantly faced with the atmosphere of the place was always one of respect, dignity, care and rigorousness – something which she found deeply appealing and which spurned her on to create the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, a supportive group that helps foster philanthropic and artistic/communal efforts all across the globe.

George Soros’ Contribution to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and His Remarks after the Election Results

U.S. business magnate George Soros came out of the sea after years of inactivity to fund 2016 democratic presidential elections. He has been active in funding democratic politics and causes. The Federal Election Commission and Soros’ associates estimate that he funded Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates’ campaign to a tune of $25 million.

George Soros’ wealth portfolio stands at an estimated $24 billion, which he amassed through risky financial trades. The 85-year-old business mogul, who owes his roots in Hungary, had drawn up a plan to attend the Democratic convention to meet up with Hillary whom they have had more than 25-year relationship. However, he later shelved the plan to concentrate on monitoring the unfolding events in Europe. He actively returned to active trading after sitting out for many years.

People close to the billionaire said he started to get actively involved in political as the countdown drew nearer. His associates pointed out that his main motivation for actively engaging and funding Clinton campaign was due to his gut belief in Hillary Clinton, and the growing fear of the Republican candidate Donald Trump, who he views as a potential threat to democracy, by advancing undemocratic policies.

Michael Vachon, George Soros’ political advisor, in a statement, said that his client had been a donor towards Democratic Party causes for many years, but this year’s election is special. George Soros pointed out that the stakes in the previous elections have been equally high due to the hostilities perpetrated by other Republican candidates towards his Democratic policies, which he truly cares about, and has dedicated his entire life to defend. The causes he has dedicated his life to protect include religious tolerance, immigration reforms, and criminal justice reforms.

The all-out approach by Soros to expend cash to get the best of Trump was viewed among Democrats as a good sign for Hillary Clinton. Soros was even seen as able to influence other rich activists to chip in.

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Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power’

Soros actions prompted other elite liberal donors to sign off big checks such as New York hedge funder, Don Sussman, who donated $13.2 million to different committees and campaigns, Tom Steyer , the San Francisco environmentalist, who donated to a tune of $31 million in 2016 alone and media magnates Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban, who both donated $11.1 million.

The entire effect of Soros’ mobilization of the rich donors really boosted Clinton’s campaign and its affiliated outside groups by building a strong financial base over tramp campaign. Some of the groups Soros funded include Immigrant Voters Win that was committed to boosting turnout among low Hispanic voters in main swing states. He donated an estimated $5 million towards the cause.

He also donated a further $5 million to an NGO dedicated to battling conservative campaigns to limit voting. The NGO, called the Voting Rights Trust, was in fact partly run by Marc Elias, Clinton’s campaign lawyer.

George Soros was upset about Trump’s win, but said that he will still work with NGOs, activists, and other groups to ensure that democracy is preserved. He particularly pointed out that he’ll focus on immigration, the justice system, and trade.