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Adrian Jose Velasquez: 10 Ways of Enhancing your Photography Experience with Smartphone

With good lighting, attention to detail, and some bit of creativity, you can use your smartphone to capture high-quality pictures. Adrian Velasquez Figueroa gave out the following tricks for taking your photography a notch higher using a smartphone:

1. Timing comes in handy
Outdated camera phones did not give you time to compose yourself, pose for the picture, or make a perfect decision. Therefore, they produced low-quality images. Today, the camera of smartphones can take clear and sharp images, but you need to have an absolute mastery of photographic depth on Take a few seconds to ensure the composition is perfect, try to adjust the angle and lighting, and check if the person is facing the right direction.

2. Employ the rules of composition
While the principles of composition are many, Velasquez advocates for the rule of thirds, which entail breaking a picture down into three sections both vertically and horizontally. Locate important parts of your picture and focus on them.

3. Get closer
Since smartphones do not offer optical zoom, you will need to go close to what you are planning to capture on Tumblr. It is imperative to practice regularly since sometimes it can be difficult to decide the ideal distance between you and your subject.

4. Disable the flash
Flash from your Smartphone forms shadows and creates strange highlights. Pick a spot where you can leverage the natural light or anything a bit softer than flash. You can replace the flash with an attenuator.

5. Download third-party apps
Integrate third-party applications with your Smartphone camera. These applications provide numerous options, including zoom, different flash options, and separate exposure. Popular apps are camera +, Camera ZOOM FX, ProCamera, and Camera 360.

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6. Understand the camera app
Study your third-party application and adjust feature such shutter, aperture, and speed. Check out tutorials on YouTube to understand complex camera apps.

7. Utilize the HDR discreetly
The outcome you get will depend on how you use the high dynamic range (HDR). It can help you attain a well-adjusted exposure in a photo containing several shadows and reflections. If overused, the HDR will produce low-quality images that appear a bit out of place.

8. Use photographic filters moderately
Photographic filters are essential tools that can help you transform the appearance of your picture. However, you should use them with moderation.

9. Understand the editing process
Many photo editing tools and course are available online. Download and study them thoroughly sys Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. Apply the skills you acquire to improve the appearance of your image. Maintain the originality of your image even after editing.

10. Clean the lens
The dirty lens will always give blurry images. Therefore, you should clean them on a regular basis. Carry your cleaning cloth and use it regularly.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a terrific investor and astute business leader. He is a native of Venezuela. This talented executive offers his exceptional entrepreneurial expertise and leadership to five companies situated in Panama. He is the Director, Executive President, and Treasurer of the five prominent firms. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has mentored and continues to mentor young leaders in Panama. Velasquez’s mission is to transform Panama into an investment hub and a leading tourist destination.