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A Tribe Called Quest Salutes Phife Dawg

A Tribe Called Quest Performs and Salutes Phife Dawg on SNL


Hip-hop legendary band A Tribe Called Quest got together to perform on the latest Saturday Night Live episode.


A Tribe Called Quest made their debut on the nightly weekend show with their show being a mix between lively, hype and more serious. The serious part involved the group bringing on Busta Rhymes and Consequence, a frequent Tribe Called Quest collaborator for their song called “The Space Program,” while at the same time paying tribute to deceased member Phife Dawg with the song “We The People.”


Both of the songs were fresh off of the album “We Got It From Here….Thank You 4 Your Service,” which turned out to be a surprise album release and also the band’s first LP release in 18 years. Dave Chappelle, who was hosting the show for the night, introduced the group who earned a thunderous applause from the audience. The song “We The People” was backed by producers and DJ Ali Shaheed Muhammad, MCs Q-Tip and Jarobi White and featured heavy and serious topics including xenophobia, racism and homophobia in the modern society.


During Phife Dawg’s verse on the song, the group revealed a banner that featured the rapper’s face on the art, while his verse was playing in the background. Jarobi and Q-Tip danced their way onto the stage to round out the performance. The group’s surprise album was released on Friday and features Andre 3000, Jack White, Elton John and Kendrick Lamar.