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Will The Ongoing California Drought Affect Ski Resorts

Andrew Wirth was born on July 25 in 1963. He currently works in the mountain resort and hotel business. He is President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Company. Working with the resort and hotel business for some thirty years now, Andrew Wirth is considered by many to be an expert on running a resort, hotel, business. I recently heard an interview on the California radio station KCRW. Andrew Wirth was recently interviewed on that station during the radio program called “Press Play with Madeleine Brand.” Discussed during this interview was the topic of “How Will The Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?” These are some of the things that I heard on that interview.
People in California have in general cut down on water consumption because of the ongoing problems they are currently having in that state due to a lack of rainfall. Some surveys say that they have cut back some twenty seven percent on their water usage! With this lack of rain water problem, one would think that California Ski Resorts would be not doing so well. According to the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Company, this is simply not the case. Enough snow is falling in the Squaw Valley and other Sierra Mountain Ski Resorts to keep them open for business.
Not as much snow is falling as in the years past, but temperatures are still low enough for man made snow to be used effectively. This allows the skiing to continue even though it is snowing less now. If there happens to be very little snow when a person were to arrive at Squaw Valley Ski Resort, then there are other activities available at these resorts in the Sierra that people could entertain themselves with.
The business at Squaw Valley has been down some twenty percent from what it was at one time, but Squaw Valley and other ski resorts are still making a profit. The winters coming up are expected to remain cold and dry but snow making equipment can make up for that for the time being.
Summertime activities are doing well at these resorts. They host parties and weddings. The surroundings at Squaw Valley are very scenic and beautiful and people can have a good time at these back to nature type places in the summer and the winter. Andy Wirth thinks that somehow his resort and others in the Sierra Mountain Region, will survive this weather phenomenon of less snow in the winter months by adapting to this change in the climate.A good mountain hike is always something that some people will always love to do. People will always want to get out of the big cities for a little peace and quiet time in the mountains.