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Organo Gold Teas and Coffees

Organo Gold is a company that sells a variety of beverages. The teas and coffees from the company are infused with the herb ganoderma. The company is run on a director delivery system.

Ganoderma is a 100% organic herbal mushroom. The ganoderma mushrooms are used in numerous traditional medicine on products from Asia. There have been numerous studies into the health elements of going to derma. The mushroom contains bio active compounds like triterpenoids and polysaccharides. The compounds in the mushroom has potential and bacterial, immune boosting, hyperglycemia, liver protecting, antiviral, antifungal, and reduce production of blood cholesterol affects. It has been used to supplementarily treat AIDS and cancer patients to improve their immunity other treatments they are going through. Read the reviews at

Some examples of products they sell are: weight management beverages and supplements, body care products, coffee and tea beverages, and personal care products. The company supplies weight management products to consumers such as: lemonade drinks, mango peach drinks, chocolate shakes, vanilla shakes, ganoderma supplements, and grape seed supplements. Their personal care items include; body soap and tooth paste. The variety of coffees sold by Organo Gold are black coffee, king of coffee, cafe latte, cafe mocha, cafe supreme, and black ice coffee. Each coffee has the health benefits of ganoderma. The Organo Gold company additionally sells the hot beverages: red tea, green tea, and hot chocolate. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

All of the products at Organo Gold are sold in a direct delivery selling scheme. Organo Gold sales representatives distribute the products to consumers. Consumers may conveniently purchase products from Organo Gold on the website Or consumers may order from a local sales representative in the area. The products are worth giving a shot if you need or are curious about trying out the benefits of the ganoderma mushroom for your body wellness.