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Dr. Cameron Clokie A Business Minded Surgeon

Cameron Clokie is someone who is extremely well-versed in the business side of the medical field. A surgeon by profession, Dr. Cameron Clokie offers his services in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Clokie is a highly renowned surgeon with ample amount of experience in the field. After being so well versed in the field and having treated so many patients, Dr. Cameron Clokie decided it was time to branch out and enter the managerial side of thing. He worked his way into the administration of Induce Biologics and became their Chief Executive Officer. Induce Biologics is a company that has been working towards revolutionizing oral surgery by developing innovations that surgeons can implement in their practices. The organization is aimed towards coming up with new methods of musculoskeletal reconstruction, making the process more efficient, and one which can yield better results on

Dr. Cameron Clokie has been working in this field of oral and maxillofacial surgery for over thirty years. Dr. Cameron Clokie even reached his peak as the Head of Department for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for the practice that he was working in. He achieved this in 1998 and soon after decided to also contribute to the profession by grooming future oral surgeons. Dr. Cameron Clokie went on and took up a professorship at the University of Toronto. He was regarded as one of the most prestigious and renowned professors at the University and was looked up to by all the students who he taught at UoT. Dr. Cameron Clokie continued his professorship up until the start of this year, retiring from teaching and mentoring students.

Dr. Cameron Clokie is also an extremely renowned scientist and researcher who has made quite a significant impact on the industry on He can conduct numerous researches and has had quite a great number of his papers published in various publications around the world. Having achieved so much in his life, but still wanting to branch out further, Dr. Cameron Clokie started to focus on expanding his research and business, so that it can be implemented on an even larger scale. He has been trying to establish partnerships with numerous medical companies all over the world to give them the tools to make their surgery easier.