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Omar Yunes Utilizes Customer Care to Bag An Award

Omar Yunes is a leader in nature. The entrepreneur started his journey at a young age, 21 years old. Omar has been working towards excellence since then. Well, his story has been marked by successful highlights. Given his present success story, Omar Yunes has been serving as a role model to many millennials in the industry of hospitality. Perhaps that is why he continues to rise up the ladder of franchising.


Omar’s success is majorly attributed to the best franchise of the world award. He bagged this award in 2015. While giving a speech in Italy, Omar stated that he appreciated his team. This is because the award was a symbol of team work. Had the team not participated in the business, he would not have been nominated as a recipient. For Omar, this came as a surprise because the industry of hospitality swims in complex challenges. First of all, clients must be pleased by the quality of service. Without this factor, the business will fail. Secondly, the level of presentation in the restaurants must speak volumes compared to competitors. That is what Omar Yunes has been dealing with as a leader of the most valuable and admired chain of restaurants in the world.


Omar does not boast of owning 10% of the best restaurants in his country. His impressive performance in business can be traced to the customer reviews that majorly contributed to his award. In the presence of over 30 competitors, he managed to score the top position. This is evidence that the competition was tough. Omar was nominated based on his ability to offer excellent customer service and his passion for leadership. Even though he comes from a wealthy family, he has made a name for himself by investing in business.


Well, the franchise business is among the toughest in the industry of hospitality. For Omar, it is all about focusing on what the client needs. Omar has close interactions with clients. Usually, this is an interactive platform to assess customer feedback on products and services. He has managed to use this feedback to satisfy his clients. Omar is a role model and a business professional, who can offer valid advice in regards to business.