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A Most Personal Tribute: OG Maco to Kid Cudi

When celebrities touch upon real life issues and admit to their own flaws, beautiful results occur. Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi has always been fairly open about his less than favorable upbringing. Additionally, he has admitted in both his music and interviews that he suffers from depression and even suicidal urges. In no way did he admit these feelings for sympathy nor to be more relatable to his fans but he did so as a means to encourage listeners to admit it to themselves and to then seek help for these dangerous emotions.


Recently, Kid Cudi has checked himself into a center for these feelings. With much love and support from his fans, the rapper has also received plenty of kind words from his friends, family, and fellow industry moguls. Recently, rapper OG Maco paid the ultimate homage to his friend by releasing a musical tribute for his friend entitled, For Scott…


Six tracks complete this work and undoubtedly do so with a Kid Cudi feeling. With intense melodies, elongated phrases, and words intent on adding some class to rap in general, this epic will certainly make Kudi smile when he is ready to do so. With issues being touched upon such as insomnia, anxiety, and the painful task of missing his friend, OG Maco paid his respect and further validated the importance of the cause simultaneously.