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Renown Medical Group is Set to Open a New Advanced Health Facility in South Reno at the Summit Mall

This spring, Renown Health will open a new clinic for the family in South Reno at the Summit Mal l. Initially, the clinic will provide laboratory and essential treatment services with the hope of expanding operations in the future. In a television interview with NNBW, the Director of Renown Medical Group, Dr. McCormack said that the objective of the clinic design is the provision of a more comfortable and welcoming environment for service seekers. The comfortable setting for the clinic will include more space for flexibility and other service delivery like a conference room for patient/staff consultations.

The hospital will initiate improvements in the category of services they offer once they know what new advances are in the market for healthcare. The cautious attitude is a result of the turbulence caused in the care industry by the proposed replacement or repeal of Obamacare by the administration of President Donald Trump. The clinic in South Reno will add one more nurse practitioner, and another care physician to complement the present staff of eleven. The team is highly dedicated and committed to giving quality care to patients. Their real work is complemented by innovative technology and modern medical equipment. Renown takes a unique role of training future nurses and physicians. Currently, the network of clinics under Renown Medical Group employs between 5000 and 10,000 health professionals.

Renown Health is recognized nationally as a leader in health care provision, and it is the largest nonprofit network in northern Nevada. The hospital achieved the highest ratings for patient outcome, safety, and nurse staffing by the analysis of hospitals by the U.S. News. It was also nationally ranked first for COPD, and hip replacement. The clinic is a surgical and general medical center with over 650 beds. The emergency room of the hospital has attended more than 83, 000 patients in the last year alone, and the physicians carried out 9,185 outpatient and 8748 inpatient surgeries apart from admitting 27,021 cases.

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