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Chairman Andrew Rolfe Guides the Ubuntu Fund Towards a Better World

The advent of social media has brought the world closer together than we have ever seen as a society. No longer are events taking place across the world privy to only the eyes of locals as videos are uploaded and live-streamed to a global audience. This has brought many of the hardships faced by countless individuals and families well into the sphere of reality for those who otherwise may have never noticed. With this increased awareness for the global issues and problems facing many in every corner of the world comes an increased desire to make a difference.

Ubuntu Fund Takes Philanthropy Personal

One non-profit is taking charitable work in a new and personal direction. The Ubuntu Fund, led in part by its chairman, Andrew Rolfe, has sought to do away with many of the restrictions put in place that often hamper a non-profit’s ability to perform the work it was created to accomplish. By reducing the obstacles put in place to prevent aid from reaching those who need it most, the Ubuntu Fund has opened a new door to how non-profits can operate in regards to donor and recipient relations.

The charitable non-profit and Andrew Rolfe work with disadvantaged families and youth in some of the most desperate and poverty stricken communities. The philanthropists at the organization have taken a unique approach to helping provide opportunities for those they seek to serve by personalizing each individual case.

Their unique approach and the way they are shaking up the way charitable organizations relate to their donors was fully covered in a piece recently published by the writing staff at the Financial Times, which is available to read by clicking here.

If you would like to learn more about the work being accomplished by Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund please visit their website.