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Nick Grant Obliterates Stereotypes

Current events examine the importance of eliminating stereotypes from everybody’s narrative, and certain artists have made it not only a point to convey this now, but have based their emerging careers on the concept. Nick Grant, for example, is on the radar of many and, despite his age, he is proving to be fairly perspicacious.

His recent song, “Black Boy/White Boy,” is a means for Nick to really discuss his life events and the stereotypes that he has been labeled with throughout his life. Aside from this great work and his project, 88 Mixtape, Grant has also released the track, “Black Sinatra,” which is getting immense recognition and strong feedback.

“When I was 9-years-old, my grandfather put me on to the Rat Pack,” said the artist in an interview with MTV as a means to describe where his inspiration hails from, and basically just exclaims his love for the age-old, talented Sinatra. Circulating his fame is often criticisms that he does not embrace black culture, but anyone who takes the time to learn about this South Carolina native will understand that those comments are the entire reason behind his career, and the reason he releases the music that he does.

Surely this young artist is still emerging, but he has already made a name for himself in a manner that is far from traditional. An inspirational figure raising to stardom before the public eye, Nick Grant is what the world needs more of.