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The Polished Diary of J-Dilla Comes to Life

Every now and then there will be an album by a deceased artist that is actually worth releasing after they are deceased. This is rare. “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory” album by 2 Pac was a worthy release that seemed incredibly coherent and untouched with any type of shady production. Most albums from stars that have passed on simply retouched projects where people labels are trying to make money off the deceased. The J-Dilla “Diary” project could have come off in this way, but this previously lost album surprises as a strong testament to the strength of J-Dilla’s production skills. There is a full length album with lots of guest stars. There is also an instrumental version of the album – in true Dilla fashion – floating around as well.

The album has been touched up for the sake of preserving what was previously incomplete. Pete Rock and Madlib lend a hair to the production process. This album shows that the hip hop world lost someone great when J-Dilla died. He was truly building up a legacy as a producer that seemed to do the impossible on the boards. J-Dilla was underrated, but he was bound to get his props if he would have continued to produce such stellar gems for artists like Common and a Tribe Called Quest.

There are a lot of people that are still discovering J-Dilla for the first time because they are digging through crates of older hip hop songs. “The Diary” explores a time when J-Dilla was in place to piece together old school funk and soulful sounds for a lot of artists that wanted his sound.

Vince Staples Is A ‘Prima Donna’

Hip hop heads are on high alert as much celebrated west coast rapper Vince Staples prepares to unleash his latest body of work entitled the ‘Prima Donna’ EP. The ever enigmatic artist has garnered quite the fan base over the course of his burgeoning career, having burst upon the underground scene collaborating with ‘Odd Future’ member Earl Sweatshirt before releasing a slew of celebrated mix tapes. He made his full-length major label debut last summer on Def Jam records with ‘Summertime 06′, an acclaimed double-disc LP featuring production from his mentor No I.D. as well as Clams Casino and DJ Dahi. Furthermore, the album featured artists ranging from Aston Matthews to James Fauntleroy and Jhene Aiko. The powerful body of work chronicling Staples’ unique point of view and his upbringing in Long Beach, California utilized striking cover art inspired the British post-punk band Joy Division, drawing further attention to the young, inspired rap artist. Now, just over a year later, Vince Staples’ upcoming release shows signs of the young stars evolving ambition. Alongside the music, the project is set to include a short film from the likes of acclaimed video artist Nabil Elderkin, who has previously collaborated with the likes of Kanye West, FKA Twigs, and Frank Ocean. As far as production is concerned, No I.D. is behind the boards alongside DJ Dahi and excitingly, James Blake. Feature wise the ‘Prima Dona’ EP boasts guest spots from Kilo Kish and ASAP Rocky. For further information on the EP’s upcoming release check out Your text to link… which includes a tracklist. Altogether great news for Staples’s fans, ensuring the summer ends on a hip-hop high note.


In the music world, if you stop moving then you are presumed dead. That is why it so surprising that a band that had a six times certified platinum song would wait almost four years to release a follow up album.

In 2011, the band AWOLNATION was just releasing their first full-length studio album entitled Megalithic Symphony. ‘Sail’ was the first single off that album. That one single went on to sell more than 5 million copies worldwide. The album Megalithic Symphony has gone on to be certified gold and spawned two other hit singles: ‘Not Your Fault’ and ‘Kill Your Heroes.’

With such a huge impact, fans and music experts expected a follow-up album to be released within a year or so. Instead of releasing new albums, there were remixes of ‘Sail’ and other songs from Megalithic Symphony released and some songs recorded for movie and video game soundtracks. Announcement of a new AWOLNATION album with a 2014 release made its way around the internet, but when the year was finished, there was no new album.

When 2015 started, AWOLNATION showed how serious they are about a new album by releasing a couple new tracks called ‘Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)’ and ‘Windows.’ Sultan Alhokair reported that both singles have videos to go along with them. The new AWOLNATION album is set to drop on March 17 from Red Bull Records.

Pandora May Sell Day Passes To Subscription Service

Soon you’ll be able to listen to music on Pandora ad-free for just a day. Traditionally, Pandora has offered listeners free listening with periodic ads, or a paid tier where users can opt to pay a monthly fee and enjoy tunes ad-free.

Now the company is considering offering a paid day pass to its offerings. The pass would come at a smaller cost than a monthly pass, but off the same benefits for a 24 hour period. Chief Product Officer Chris Phillips indicated that the service might cost $.99 for the day. pandora One, the monthly pass the radio station currently offers in just $4.99 month.

Why a day pass? Pandora thinks that some customers might want to spring for the pass in situations where they’re sharing tunes with others. Ricardo Tosto says something like a birthday party or BBQ is the ideal time to let Pandora be the DJ, but ads can ruin the party atmosphere according to WhosWhoLegal. In those types of situations, users might want to pay to remove the ads for the day, but then go back to ad-supported listening the next day when it’s just them listening.

The ad-supported service is still the largest money maker for the company. Ads accounted for $220 million of the company’s revenue during the fourth quarter of last year. Subscriptions were only responsible for $47.9 million.

Shania Twain Announces Upcoming Tour Will Be Her Last

Shania Twain has announced that her upcoming 48 city tour of the US and Canada will be her farewell tour. The singer, whose 1997 release “Come On Over” holds the record as being the best selling country music album of all time as well as the best selling album by a woman in any genre, is coming off of a residency at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, says she wants to go out with a bang. Rather than trying to adapt her Vegas show, she plans an all new show suitable for taking on the road.

Twain has sold 75 million records overall and dominated the country charts for much of the 1990’s.
After her 2004 tour, Twain was largely absent from the music scene due to difficulties with her vocal cords. She announced her return to performing in 2011.
In addition to the upcoming tour, the singer is also working on an album of new material. She has stated her desire to have it completed by her 50th birthday which occurs later this year.
According to the tour is slated to begin June 5 in Seattle followed by a number of Canadian dates for most of the rest of June. June 30 finds her back in the US appearing at New York’s Madison Square Garden, with the tour concluding August 24 in Fresno, California.

Iggy Azalea Breaks the Silence

What Iggy Azalea has managed to do in the last year is awesome when one considers where she came from. She has become a dominate form in rap, a name to be mentioned in many circles, but she has been met with lots of criticism. Now the rapper breaks her silence about all the controversy.

What Iggy has managed to do in a short time is become something of a target. She has been criticized by the veterans like Snoop Dogg and Eminem. She has managed to gain as many enemies as she has gained fans. This all has to do with her persona that some people call fake. When she raps she sounds one way; when she talks she sounds another way.

In many ways she has continued to stand strong against all of those that have hated her, but recently she has gone silent. She removed herself from social media altogether. Health Imagining suggested this made it easier to concentrate on a lot of different things like her music. She is trying to get away from all the negativity. She said that the social media world is just too brash.

The Return of Gorillaz


Rumor has it that the group Gorillaz may be back for another album. They may soon be seen around the studios putting together another epic soundtrack that will make us all want more.

Rumors started and many fans began a tirade of questions, one of which was whether or not the group would be doing another album. With no hesitation, the mastermind of the group answered with a very definitive YES. So, we can expect a return of the group Gorillaz, with more ear catching and addictive music.

The only thing that has been left up in the air is when their return will be. According to Dan Newlin, nothing is set stone yet as negotiations are still underway with the record labels. Although, fans will not have too long a wait as the group is definitely going to release the new album before the end of 2015.

Production an the animated favorite has already commenced as can be seen from the maker’s Twitter pages. As the process proceeds more pictures can be seen on the maker’s twitter account.

Will Lady Gaga And Adele Collaborate?


Lady Gaga is still the queen of whatever she does, and she continues to make great music, and is still at the top of her game. Adele & Lady Gaga. Adele has been absent for a while, from the music scene, because she got married, then quickly after, she got pregnant with her first child. Adele has taken a lot of time off, and people are begging her for some new music in 2015. Adele has promised to release music this year, but some are skeptical.

A picture of Adele with Lady Gaga has been posted on Instagram, and the two are smiling, while standing in front of a laptop. There are several clues in the picture, which might mean the two are going to work together on a collaboration.

Fans, like Fersen Lambranho, have tried to be understanding of the fact that Adele just had her first child, but many feel that she should work on her music as well. Anyone who’s ever been a mother, can completely understand Adele’s attachment to her first child. Adele wants to be more hands-on, and not give her kid to a nanny, like many stars do today. We hope that the ladies will do a collaboration in the near future.

Cutting Edge Entrepreneur John Textor

John Textor is a cutting edge entrepreneur and producer. He is currently the chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation, located in California, where he oversees special assignments, strategic collaborations, rights acquisition, venue partnerships as well as connections with major media companies. He is also involved in the development of entertainment venues in several locations, which Igor Cornelsen has visited on several occasions.   As a producer, Textor has worked on movies such as ‘Ender’s Game’ and is currently working on a new film called ‘Art Story.’

Before he came to work at Pulse Evolution Corporation, Textor was active in the industry as chairman and CEO of both Digital Domain Productions and its parent company, Digital Domain Media Group. There he specialized in creating visual effects for popular Hollywood movies like ‘Tron: Legacy’ and ‘Transformers.’ During his time of leadership at Digital Domain Productions and Digital Domain Media Group, both of the companies rose to prominence again. After many years of not being at the top of the chain, they were finally able to re-establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Textor’s talents include cutting edge visual productions for large scale films. But one achievement that he is also very well known for is the production of a digital image of Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Valley Music Festival in 2012. This production enabled viewers to experience a real life concert by the deceased artist through a large scale multidimensional screen. This gave him recognition from not only music enthusiasts but also industry experts who wanted to use the idea of his Coachella production on the 2013 critically acclaimed science fiction fantasy film, ‘Ender’s Game.’

Top 10 Divas. Ever.

Using this definition, we have assembled the Top 10 Divas. Ever.

10. Madonna

The material girl has to make this list with a history like hers.

9. Mariah Carey

Sure, the girl can sing, but she also has some ‘tude.

8. Oprah Winfrey

No woman can be this powerful and not be a diva.

7. Chaka Khan

May not remember her now, but at the time, she was THE diva.

6. Cher

Been around so long, she may actually qualify as multiple divas.

5. Gwen Stefani

She’s just a girl… Who gets anything she wants.

4. Nicki Minaj

In hip-hop, attitude is everything.

3. Betty White

C’mon, she was good looking young and gets anything she wants now.

2. J-Lo

Jenny from around the block – in the rich neighborhood.

1. Martha Stewart

An ex-con that out cook your mom at Thanksgiving? Giofrancesco Genoso agrees, that screams diva!