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Prince’s Unreleased Material Worth $35 Million

Prince changed the face of music in the 80’s with hits like Purple Rain and Kiss. There have been many unreleased Prince’s songs that have been circulated on bootlegs. However, it is believed that Prince’s famous “vault” has unreleased material with a price tag of $35 million. Some of his bootlegged songs are Electric Intercourse, Rebirth of the Flesh, and Extraloveable. The vault also contains many concert footage and hundreds of hours of live recordings. Three major labels are in negotiations of buying the valuable material that was left by the famous pop superstar.


Purple Rain that was announced in 2014 is likely to be released in 2017. Moreover, a compilation of his greatest hits is scheduled to be released later in the year. The vault is located at Prince’s Paisley Park house in Minneapolis. The room is accessible by lift, climate-controlled, hidden behind a steel door, and has a complete lock system with a large spinning handle. Prince was the only person who knew the code to unlock the safe. After his death, the company responsible for managing his estate drilled it open.


Prince’s former Recording Engineer said that the vault was almost full when she left in 1987. Susan Rodgers stated that the vault had songs that pre-date his legendary Purple Rain album. She added that the vault had late-night jams and personal songs that the artist did not feel comfortable releasing at that time. Rodgers said the Prince had an instrument in his hands when he had some spare time. Brent Fischer stated that more than 70 percent of Prince’s work was yet to be released. Fischer and Prince’s father composed string attachments for the talented artist. Prince experimented on comical songs with his horn players.


It is unclear who owns Prince unreleased material. When he released them, he was under contract to Warner Bros. Prince also had one-off deals with other recording labels, Tidal streaming service, and independent companies. A tribute concert featuring Stevie Wonder, Tori Kelly, and Mayte Garcia will take place on Thursday in St. Paul, Minnesota.



Snippets of Wu-Tang Clan’s Secretive Album Released After Election

Just one day after the 23rd anniversary of the masterful Enter the Wu-Tang album, which marked a new era in the history of hip-hop, the world woke up to strange news.


The first set of strange news told the story of New York billionaire Donald Trump becoming the new President elect of the United States. The second set of strange news revolved around Martin Shkreli, a controversial pharmaceutical executive who became the highest bidder of the Wu-Tang Clan’s sole issue album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.


Shkreli purchased the ultra exclusive album for $2 million. That acquisition was made with the understanding that he did not have broadcasting or reproduction rights of its content, which means that Shkreli can listen to it in private and in the company of family or associates.


In the run-up to the election that ended with Trump’s victory, Shkreli went on social media to declare that he would share tracks from his exclusive Wu-Tang Clan album in the unlikely event that Trump would be elected President of the United States.


Although Shkreli is a Trump supporter, his promise to reveal his private Wu-Tang Clan audio was made as a bet or as a dare because he never thought Trump would win; like most Americans, he thought the election would have been a landslide victory for Hillary Clinton.


Shkreli has thus far made some snippets of the album available on YouTube; however, he is reported to be in contact with Wu-Tang Clan attorneys about the possibility of releasing the entire album to make good on the promise.


This Savage Life

The meteoric ascent of Atlanta based rapper 21 Savage has been something to behold. A magnetic, albeit controversial figure, Savage never appears to be playing a character. His attitude in unflappable. In interviews he appears unsparingly honest, even vulnerable. Look no further then his interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’ as reviewed here: Your text to link… in which he delves into deeply personal, tragic events without pause. In an industry largely occupied by performers prone to self-aggrandizement and dramatization, 21 Savage is a breathe of fresh air. His tales of ‘trap life’ and the pitfalls of gun violence are anything but glamorous. If one were to compare him to another artist, he is something like DMX of the deep south. Like X, 21 Savage can stand alone. 21 Savage is the opposite of ‘thirsty’. He isn’t concerned whether you like him or not, nor is he concerned with the latest hip-hop trends or brand recognition. He doesn’t need the approval of the consumer. At no point does Savage feel the need to explain himself, to wax poetic about the trauma he’s endured. Most recently, he released his most powerful work to date, a nine-track album produced by Metro Boomin entitled ‘Savage Life’. A fierce piece of work that is unrepentant, occasionally tender and occasionally terrifying. The production suits 21 Savage’s delivery perfectly. The album is haunting and sparse, both infectious and ice-cold. The lyrics recount moments of horrific violence interspersed with heartbreak. Ultimately 21 Savage, no matter how you cut it, is an artist to be revered and recognized. He is a poet of the trap, a true original and ‘Savage Life’ is his opus.

The Return Of The G

For any serious connoisseur of west coast hip-hop, the recent emergence of the Compton, California by way of Vancouver, BC based duo, LNDN DRGS has been celebratory to say the least. After signing with ‘Fools Gold Records’, the group, comprised of rapper Jay Worthy and producer Sean House, unleashed their debut, a G-Funk inspired masterwork, ‘Aktive’ on unsuspecting ears in the fall of 2015, showcasing a unique blend of bass-heavy sample-based beats laced with laid back raps chronicling southern California street life. If interested, check out their page at Your text to link… The project, while emblematic of DJ Quik’s best work, is referential while original. It features verses from up an coming artists like YG Hootie and rap veterans like Krayzie Bone. Furthermore, the release was one the last albums featuring the late ASAP Yams, and included artwork from Joe Cool, the man responsible for the iconic cover-art of Snoop Dogg’s debut ‘Doggystyle’. Since the release of ‘Aktive’, LNDN DRGS remained relatively quiet until recently returning with a five-song sophomore effort to satiate their burgeoning fan-base entitled ‘Burnout 2’, and it is quite the record. In so many words it sounds like a G-Funk fan’s fever dream, with Sean House’s borderline psychedelic production blending seamlessly with Jay Worthy’s rhymes detailing the ups and downs of Los Angeles gang life. Despite it’s short runtime, ‘Burnout 2’ is one of those rare pieces of recent music that is sans disposable tunes. It is true gangster rap, both filthy and pulchritudinous. It sounds tragic, intoxicating and undeniably fresh. In short, LNDN DRGS are here to stay and will continue to shatter speakers well into the unforeseeable future.

Kanye West Rolls Ahead with the Life of Pablo

People were not sure what they would do with the Kanye West, “The Life of Pablo,” album. It was promoted by West himself as a gospel album. Kirk Franklin made a guest appearance and the album opened with prayer. Fans had no reason but to assume that things would on the right track as West promised. This would turn out to be the exact opposite of a gospel album though. Some critics praised it; many fans were just confused by what seemed like an unpolished mess of a project.

Still, Kanye West has decided to roll full steam ahead. He has released a video for wolves that features lots of models along with wife Kim Kardashian. This is a little less controversial than the “Famous” single that features a lot of “not safe for work” content. Kanye has managed to do what so many people have not been able to do. He attracts attention to his music regardless of what other people may think. He is a lightning rod for controversy so he fits quite well into the Kardashian family.

Fans have decided to write off “The Life of Pablo” as a stranger transition into a stripped down version of the new Kanye West. In the album he mentions how fans are talking about missing the old Kanye that was known for sped up samples of old soul classics. West is definitely a different man. He has not been the same since his mother passed.

The focus right now is leaning more towards getting a clothing line. Somehow he manages to keep the controversy high with Taylor Swift as he continues promoting his new sound.

The Purple Reign of Future

When it comes to quantity, there may not be anyone else in the rap world that is currently putting forth more content than Future. He has become something of a workhorse that seems to put out content on a monthly basis even though there are only a few full albums to his credit right now.

What the rapper Future has done is flood the streets with a lot of mix tapes. This is how he became known. He manages to bring forth a style that resembles nothing else that is out there. His signature sing-song type of rap has been something that has managed to lure other rappers like Drake into into collaborations that would eventually become mix tapes.

When he dropped a “Purple Reign” mix tape that would surface within months of the death of “Purple Rain” creator Prince it would become a strange rite of passage for the Atlanta rapper to gain even more attention. People that were searching for Prince would come across the new “prince” of rap in the south. He would become someone that could usher in a new era of grimy southern beats that would sound different than the Dungeon Family clan that he grew up listening to.

This is not a reboot of the sounds that the Dungeon Family was known for OutKast and Goodie Mob. Instead, Future has stayed humble and continued to grind in the background as his relationship with Ciara faded. He would write about his experiences for his fans. He would return to rap and pour out his frustration. Future would quietly become the artist to watch as he watched his son grow up.

Rap Gods, Kanye West and Drake, Join Forces

Respect is often the greatest gift and compliment that a person can provide another with. In this particular case, Drake has always been quoted describing the utmost respect that he has for Kanye West. In 2009, in fact, Drake told MTV in an interview that he gives credit to Kanye for shaping the foundation of his own music career. He even called Kanye, “The most influential musician he has ever had in his life.” Alas, Drake was just reaching stardom, and only had the desire to meet ‘Ye. Today, however, the two are great friends.

The pair both performed at night two of OVO Festival on August 1, 2016. While the crowd was already amped that they got to witness two of the best rappers of the century simultaneously, they nearly lost it with excitement as Kanye asked them a pretty serious question.

“Are you ready for a new album?” Well, Yeezy, surely your fans are always ready for another album from you–what kind of question is that? Well, when Drake joined his good friend on stage, things became a bit more clear for audience members.

For clarification, Drake spoke on behalf of Kanye by asking if the crowd was ready for the power duo to make their first album together. Without a doubt, the cheering broke the sound barrier–ultimately answering the rap gods’ question!

While this is a work yet to be put in production, avid fans can probably expect this album to drop close to 2017. With the immeasurable talent demonstrated by these two, though, it would not be surprising to start hearing some stuff within the next few months.

A Rap Verse That Digs Deep Into the Bond Shared Between Brothers

What better way to convey all of your emotions and general gratitude than with a song? This question posed the greatest response from Chance the Rapper’s brother, Taylor Bennett,” on the talk show, Sway in the Morning.

The brother duo regularly gives each other shoutouts on social media, and just generally exclaims an appreciation for the other during every opportunity that presents itself. Perhaps the most unbeatable move yet, though, was executed by Bennett as he paid homage to his brother by rapping out a song over Chance’s “Special,” off of his album, Coloring Books.

After an interview where Bennett talked about everything from his personal relationships, his own music career, and growing up with his brother, the beat started to drop. The recognizable tune had people swaying in their seats, but the rhymes that spewed from Bennett’s mouth left them still and with their mouths open.

Flowing through harmonious rhymes were memories that the two shared growing up; hours spent coloring, talking, and even the occasional fight. Of course, mention was made to how thankful that Taylor really is for his older brother and the advice he has been provided with growing up with Chance. Essentially, there is no greater bond than the one shared by these talented family members, and no greater means to portray that bond than with a song that Taylor called, “A special track.”

Drake Shatters Records with New Album

Everybody knows that Drake makes popular songs, but few recognize his profound talent as an artist. With the exception of a brief week, Drake’s songs and albums usually reside in the number one spots on the Billboard 100 and 200 lists for at least ten weeks; his new album, “Views,” recently launched him into a stardom that he probably never believed possible, either.

The album is only one of ten that has ever been in the spot for the past twenty years and joins big names, such as Adele, Taylor Swift, and even those who composed the Titanic soundtrack. The only difference, though, is that Drake is the only rapper to make that list. If that is not a great accolade that speaks volumes about Drake’s career, then what really is?

With over 92,000 copies sold in just one week, “Views,” is estimated to continuously make headlines for months to come, and to even surpass Adele’s reigning accomplishment of having the most popular album of 2016. Certainly no offense to Queen Adele, but there is no denying that Drake is just as deserving of this major cognizance. How does he do it, though? Most artists have a dry spell from time to time, so why not him?

Regular interviews with the artist and those who have worked with him discuss just how much fun Drake has in the studio, and he refuses to allow negative energy to travel with him when he is about to record. Essentially, the great just enjoys to have fun and be himself, and simply allows the stellar music to ensue as a result.

Old Battles, New Beef: French Montana Talks Back

Rumors are part of any industry, and the music business is no exception to that fact. The world of rap and r&b, especially, uses the music as a means to dispel rumors, portray inner thoughts, and to even use it as an opportunity to throw some digs in there that further fuel the hype mentality of the industry. It really is all fun and games, unless you are Drake or French Montana.

In a track released by the two artists entitled, “No Shopping,” avid fans could not help but think that the song was a rebuttal to Joe Budden’s recent insults towards Drake, or Aubrey, as Budden referred to him as. When MTV asked if “No Shopping” was aimed at Budden, French Montana’s reply was simple: “It’s not that I don’t think — I know that for a fact.”

That is all well and fine, but just what were the two masterminds thinking when they were in the studio that day? Again, the answers were fairly concise and included drinking, enjoying life, and just genuinely having a great time making music together. The rapper went on to disclose that he, as well as Drake, never enter the studio engulfed in negative energy, and for others to make claims against that is fairly unjust and the comments are made out of ignorance. Regardless of receiving the answer from the very source, much speculation still exists in relation to the entire issue. One thing is for certain, though, and that is that only time will tell.