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J Cole “KOD” Shows that Rap is Still a Young Man’s Gamenm

There are a lot of people in the industry that are wondering how they can improve their spins when it comes to their time on the radio. The rappers that are looking at the radio as the vehicle for their music are behind the times. This is not where any of the success lies these days. It is all about Spotify and other web streaming music sites like Pandora.

This is something that Drake realizes, and this is also something that is relevant for artists like Kendrick Lamar. J Cole is one of the few artists that is able to make an album where every song Hit the Billboard charts. This is rare, and it is highly unlikely that this would be the case for most rappers, but J Cole is not most rappers.

With the ”KOD” album J Cole was reaching deep to put together an album that was very much unlike anything else that he has been done. From this perspective people may compare him to a group like OutKast. Each time this duo released a new album it was showing an outstanding amount of growth. That is what people look at when they see J Cole. They know that he is going to release content that does not sound like anything else that is out there for the moment.

When it comes down to rappers that are ready to make their names known in the industry it is clear that people like Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Migos and Drake are rappers that are standing in place as the leaders of the new generation. Jay-Z still created a platinum album in his retirement stage, but Shawn Carter will continue to make hits for millennials. He is older and rap music has always been a young rapper’s game.

The Downfall of Eminem in Modern Day Hip Hop

The ”Revival”album by Eminem was anything but a revival for his career. At one time Eminem was the hottest crossover rapper in the game. Today he is still someone that has the ability to spit more than a few bars of hotness, but people are less inclined to stream his attacks on Trump and add his angry songs to their playlists. He represents an era of rap where the artist is at odds with what his fans want to hear. It is the same type of musical obscurity that Prince succumbed to before he passed.

Eminem is the portrait of an angry rapper. He has put his time in to building a career where most of his songs have been controversial and funny. There have been some seriousness in the songs he has written, but Eminem has always been someone that brought humor to hip hop.

In his old age Eminem has become someone that has had a bizarre downward spiral as a rapper. The motivation that he had to come after adversaries is not quite there anymore. It stands to reason that his focus is not the same because elements in his life that drove him to success are not the same.

The ongoing battle study had with the custody of his daughter with his ex are no longer a major issue. His daughter is a college student now. The issues that he had with his mother appeared to have been resolved over the years as his aggression about his own life took a backseat.

It stands to reason that an artist like Eminem that put so much of his own life into his rhymes is now at a point where he has no more fuel to rhyme about anything. He has aged and his rhymes are dismal.

Eminem Creates a New Vibe

Eminem is an artist that has had a plethora of platinum out of the years. He has become someone that is well-known in the hip hop community because he defied the odds. He made sure that he moved away from what was considered the norm and did something that was far left from anything that people need.

As a rapper that started his career as a bit of a jokester it appears that he is coming to a serious point as he nears retirement stage. The “Revival” album was an album that was on more of a serious tone with a lot of heavy lyrics that have gotten away from what he was originally known for doing his early days with Dr. Dre.

At this point Eminem is a much older artist, and he has an entirely different perspective on his life. His life has changed a lot from a celebrity status. This has caused them to become someone that reacts differently to the way that he creates music. He does not have the same reaction in the same mentality to create the things that made him successful. This transition from being poor to becoming rich covers a wide spectrum. It almost puts Eminem in a place where he really has nothing left to say when it comes to issues that are going on in the world.

The fans have disconnected themselves from Eminem even though he is still praised is one of the best rappers of this generation. He appears to be someone that is flustered with attempt at making albums because he is up against a much younger generation. In this day and age people are listening to more of the music that comes from the south. This takes Eminem out of the equation with the new millennials.

How Drake Commanded Attention in America

Even when Drake is absence he still knows how to come back into the rap game and make a very strong impression. This is what people have noticed when they take a serious look at the career that he has had so far. Drake seems to be someone that does no wrong when it comes to his selection of singles that he releases. It is obvious that he holds the key to content in America when it comes to rap, but many of his American fans may wonder how he fares in Canada.


The reality is that Drake is just as popular in Canada as he is in America. There have been other Canadian rappers that have tried to emulate his style and do what he does, but there is not anyone else out of Canada that has had the mainstream success that Drake has had when it comes to rap. It appears that he is someone that knows a lot about the culture in America because his dad lived in the south.


His ability to live in Canada during part of the year and Tennessee during the summer allowed him to gain a lot of experience about what was going on in hip-hop. Today Drake seems to be someone that can put out one hit after another without the bat of an eye. His latest single “Nice for What” is climbing up the charts, but this would not be the first time that Drake has been able to get something that would make people dance for the summer. From songs like “Hotline Bling” to the infectious “One Dance” it has become obvious that Drake is someone that knows how to create a catchy anthems at the right time. He has the ability to bounce back and forth into the spotlight.


Tinashe Falls to Reach Mainstream Audience with New Album

Tinashe is coming forth with a new album, and it appears to be another failed attempt to reach a mainstream audience. She has continued to be well known as an excellent dancer that puts together creative choreography routines, but her music tends to fall on deaf ears. There is a reason for this, and the reason is that she is trying to touch an audience that does not really exist anymore.

The music that Tinashe has created would be something that would have been popular when Aaliyah was alive. This type of dance move choreography was something that was big in the 90s, but it has taken a backseat to trap rap and the trap R&B type of style that has dominated the radio.

Tinashe has found herself to be somewhat confused about what really works, and it appears that she has done a little bit of everything because she has been unclear on what really works best.

In the early stages of her first hit record “2 On” Tinashe had a bit of a dance groove and it instantly became something of a mega hit. Three albums later tonight she would prove herself to be more of a one-hit wonder when it came to this song. There are tons of people that are now wondering where she is even though she has been releasing material on a regular basis.

She has the singing voice, but she has not connected with the right producers to give her the type of sound that she needs. This is why her new album has not been able to top the charts as well as it could. She has not surrounded herself with the hitmakers that are currently topping the charts on the radio. This poor choice of producers has caused her to be overlooked.

Kendrick Lamar Takes Home Prestigious Award

The DAMN album by Kendrick Lamar has become the first rap album to get a rapper the Pulitzer Prize. This seems like a cherry on top for Kendrick Lamar who has already won best rap album for the same album.

There has been so much talk about his growth as an artist, but no one would have expected that he would have been able to go in this direction after previous albums that did not sound anything like this one.

The only thing that people can really say to compare the albums in terms of similarities is the storytelling ability that Kendrick Lamar has brought to the table. He has always seemed to be an artist that was content with using his platform to tell stories. He paints pictures of his own life, but everything is complex for Kendrick.

He paints a vivid picture and he gets people to understand that he is doing things that are connecting old samples from songs to new music that he is unveiling. Every track from the DAMN album contains a sample of an older song. Kendrick has said that these were all songs that were played in his household as he was growing up.

Most rappers are influenced to sample old beats based on the music that they heard while they were growing up. Jay-Z has often talked about soulful music that inspired many of the older tracks that he sampled from artists like Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and Bobby Blue Bland. Now Kendrick is bringing his fans up to speed on the type of music that was being played in this household when he was young. He has found himself in a great situation where the mainstream and the underground crowd has both embraced what Kendrick Lamar possesses in terms of skills.

New J. Cole Video is a Strange Visual Trip

Jermaine Lamarr Cole is known as one of the most divisive rappers these days, and everything suggests that he has no desire to change his bizarre style. J. Cole’s new single, ATM is supported by a colorful and supremely strange video that goes straight to the heart of that he considers to be a generational problem: money.

ATM is a promotional single for J. Cole’s new album, KOD. The video for ATM is a cartoon-like extravaganza tale about a rapper who strikes the big time and quickly runs out of cash. Judging by this first single, J. Cole has every intention of calling out what he sees wrong with hip-hop. ATM cannot be defined as a rap classic; in fact, J. Cole has confessed that he only spent a couple of weeks producing and recording KOD, but the hilarious message delivered by ATM feels like it could be timeless.

It should be noted that J. Cole’s lyrical delivery on ATM is clear and spot-on; this is a indictment on the current wave of “mumble rappers” and trap MCs who deviate from the sharp rhymes delivered during the Golden Age of rap. All tracks in KOD have a common purpose to parody the current state of hip-hop, which J. Cole is not very happy with.

The release of KOD has been mostly kept secret, and this is purely intentional. Material and emotional greed are two heavy-handed themes that J. Cole explores in KOD, and he believes that secretly rolling out his new album will send a strong message to rappers such as Drake and Kanye West, both known to use social media as a teasing platform for shameless promotion.

To promote KOD, J. Cole published a single Twitter update inviting followers and journalists to a secret listening party. Since there is always a catch with J. Cole, guests were not allowed to bring smartphones, recording devices or even pen and paper.


As a person who grew up listening to R&B and hip hop for most of my adult life, I could tell when someone’s time is up in the spotlight. As a former fan of Kanye West, I was surprised to see that he was dropping yet another album. The good-ole days of “Through The Wire” and “Gold Digger” are gone for this Chicago native. In a recent MTV article by Charles Holmes, the washed-up rapper announces via social media, that he is dropping two new albums in June 2018. See link to the MTV article below:

I would like to share my thoughts on Kanye West and the evolution of his downfall.

It all started with the Taylor Swift incident at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards a few years ago. As you may recall, Mr. West interrupted Taylor Swift and shouted his opinion about one of Beyoncé’s videos being one of the best videos of all time. This action showed a lack of class for the hip hop star. This one incident started Kanye’s downfall.

One cannot notice that everyone who associates themselves with the Kardashians turns out to be a bust. Just look at all the sports stars who got with a Kardashian and see if they still have productive careers in their respective sport. Kanye and these other sports stars seem to get the “Kardashian Curse” which cripples their careers. Perhaps, the money is too good and they don’t need their careers anymore.

As you can see, Kanye has no more place in the hip hop world. It is time for the former hip hop megastar to hang up his rapping shoes and continue his career as a Kardashian associate. He is no longer relevant in the music industry.

Kanye West Set to Release 2 New Albums

Yeezus is back in the house. Fans of rapper Kanye West received exciting news over the weekend when he tweeted that two albums are on the way, with June release dates. One of the albums will feature fellow rapper Kid Cudi. West revealed that they have formed a duo called “Kid Sees Ghost.”

It seems that the “Kid Sees Ghost” concept has been in the works for awhile: West trademarked the name this past November, with the intent to appear on multiple platforms including TV.

He appears to have his finger on the pulse of other rap releases as well. West tweeted that both Pusha T and Teyana Taylor will come out with new albums this summer.

Cudi and West have had a tumultuous relationship for many years, despite frequent collaborations. West appeared on Cudi’s first two albums, while Cudi has worked on every single West album since 2008’s “808s and Heartbreak.” However, the two have also bickered over Twitter, with Cudi complaining that West doesn’t care about him. West fired back that he is the source of Cudi’s success.

The two seem to have mended things in recent years, with West referring to Cudi as his “brother.” After that, West and Cudi have performed onstage together many times. Cudi’s most recent solo album was “Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’,” which was released in 2016.

West stayed out of the spotlight after 2016’s “The Life of Pablo,” but it appears that he’s back in the creative spirit. In addition to the upcoming albums, West says that he is also working on a book about philosophy. The book is tentatively titled “Break the Simulation,” and may also include photography.

Lauryn Hill Tours ‘Miseducation’ For Its 20th Anniversary

Lauryn Hill is in a category of her own. Former member of Grammy-award winning hip hop trio The Fugees, Ms Hill had a notable hit record of her own with The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Her one and only solo album celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. This album was so groundbreaking that it has stood the test of time over a fast-moving contemporary world.

Lauryn Hill is one of the top figures of the classic neo-soul musical movement of the 90s. Her smooth, sultry, jazz-infused hip hop style gave way to the Khelanis and Szas of today in a similar way that Nina Simone gave way to Lauryn Hill’s era. Movements are much more accelerated these days, yet despite no new music on record for the past 20 years, Lauryn Hill is still a pillar in the music industry.

Part of the reason Hill is able to continue to tour year after year is first and foremost her talent level – she has an amazing voice that her fanbase never tires of hearing. Secondly, she actually does perform different songs outside of her albums. Part of the reason The Fugees disbanded and Lauryn Hill stopped recording as a solo artist is because of the business aspect. Perhaps Hill has just never had the right people around her because she has had all kind of legal battles from taxes to publishing.

Her performance style is typically that of the Unplugged special, technically her only other solo album. Ms. Hill usually plays the acoustic guitar and sings with other instrument accompaniments. The nation will get a chance to experience Lauryn Hill’s velvet chops once again this summer with a two leg tour, opening in Virginia Beach the day after Independence Day and ending in St. Louis in October.