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Forbes Announces Hip Hop is Nation’s Favorite Genre

In a recently published article in Forbes Business Magazine, Gary Suarez discussed the reigning influence of the Hip Hop Genre on both American and global business endeavors. According to the reporter, Hip Hop has become the most recognized, purchased, and downloaded music in the nation based on consumer sales. In 2017, the genre actually surpassed the Rock genre in terms of sales and influence. Many business owners are now coming to realize the importance of brand affiliation within the genre and are making large deals with rappers and music developers who are leading genre sales to align big business with the growing hip hop trends.

Gary Suarez discussed the fact that trends aligning big business with hip hop culture could be seen on a large scale as early as 2013, four years before the genre would beat out the Rock genre in sales and cultural influence. Rappers who had attained large music deals and were nationally recognized as industry leaders, like Aubrey “Drake” Graham and Sean “Jay Z” Carter, were featured in some of the nation’s largest commercial advertisements. Drake’s years long deal with the Coco-cola industry and Jay Z’s long term affiliation with the Budweiser brand became indicators of the success other rappers would have with big business in future years.

The current alignment of DJ Khaled, a popular hip hop producer and music developer, with the Turbo Tax brand is representative of the massive and influential industry that the hip hop genre has produced. Far from the years where the leaders of large clothing outlets made public statements describing their distaste at the idea of hip hop moguls adorning their fashion pieces, leaders of all industries are now in competition to find the most popular and culturally relevant hip hop artist to advertise new products for their companies.

U2 Goes Hip-Hop With In Song With Kendrick Lamar

Recently, U2 released a song that proved this band is still willing to take risks. The band Rapper Kendrick Lamar joined the band, featuring on a song called “Get Out Of Your Own Way.” This song has a fairly inspirational feel. Lamar previously had U2 feature as a guest on his breakthrough “Damn” album. This musical collaboration is sure to please those people who are deeply into uplifting music. This song’s soaring chorus is more than slightly reminiscent of “Beautiful Day,” which was released in 2000.

I think that U2 has what it takes to achieve commercial success for at least another 15 or 20 years. Of course, it is impossible to predict the future. Nevertheless, I’m convinced that U2 has established the proper foundation for an extended residency as one of the most popular bands in the world. Despite what people think, U2 is far from a faceless corporate band. In fact, U2 is a deeply personal project from people who really care about achieving things in modern music. Though U2 has certainly achieved great commercial success, this is not the type of group to let success lead to complacency. Once again, U2 has demonstrated a willingness to experiment with African-American music traditions. Many of the band’s songs show the undeniable influence of gospel music. It is amazing how an Irish band can reference American music traditions with such fluency and credibility.

I believe there is a good chance that U2 will work with Kendrick Lamar. While this might seem like an unlikely occurrence, stranger things have happened. Whatever happens in the future, I’ll bet that U2 will continue to surprise and confound critics. You had better get used to the idea of U2 being around, because I don’t think this band is going anywhere anytime soon.

Kelela Sets The Standard For Digital Age R&B With ‘Take Me Apart’

Kelela seeks to bring back the good old days of R&B that took the 90s by storm with her latest album, Take Me Apart. The singer’s vocals coupled with the melodic tunes in the background makes listeners want to both dance and reflect.

The album’s title track is a unique piece of artistry. Kelela lets her raw singing abilities take center stage before surprising her listeners with an upbeat chorus that has a beat that captivates the moment. Fans will be torn between turning the tune down because of the beat’s aggressiveness and asking for more because of Kelela’s incredibly soothing vocal abilities.

Take Me Apart seems to search for something deeper than the ordinary 14-track music projects that many artists are putting out these days. “I was just trying to make something fit for me,” Kelela tells Billboard. “I wasn’t trying to be like, Look I’m so new! I just wanted to be something that resonates with people and challenges them at the same time. It feels so good when that lands; when that complexity inside [the listener] feels like it’s been satisfied.”

Satisfaction is one way of describing the feeling that listeners get. Kelela takes her fans back in time to the 90s decade when singers like Justin Timberlake and Aaliyah were revolutionizing the industry with songs for their generation. It seems that Kelela serves as the one to redefine what it means to have rhythm and blues in the digital age with both technology and her raw talent sharing the spotlight.

All about Rap and R&B Music and Album Reviews News

There has been rapid growth in the rap and R&B music industries. Over the past years, the types of music were rare. In the recent times has spread all over the world. The reason behind the growth is the young generation who are fond of this music. Different music albums are being aired daily by various artists. Rap and R&B are different genres of music, but the musicians have created platforms to see that the music takes the lead.

One of the very competitive fields is the music industry one. Every musician whether the upcoming or the experienced ones want to lead in that sector hence making it a hard contest. It had been difficult identifying album reviews every year until the introduction of the idea of ranking music. The ranking method is whereby the audience has the freedom to vote for their favorite music, and the music ratings from the highly proposed to the least preferred. For quick follow up on the music reviews check out for details.

The other way to get album reviews news quickly was by creating a Rap and R&B music playlist. The playlist activity is mostly done every year to identify the songs taking the lead in that year. The music industry has created a website. The album reviews are hence easy. Individuals can follow all the information about the collection and its musician and even download it directly from the website making it easy for the artists to sell off their records and get more reviews.

Rap and R&B music is fun for its fans and people who have always followed it up. However, it can be confusing for people beginning to follow up on this type of music. It is therefore advisable for the individual to visit previous albums and review them for a catch-up and after that rhythm with the music.

JAY-Z to Receive the Grammy Salute to Industry Icons Award

At this point, the accomplishments of JAY-Z—not only as a rapper, but also as an entertainment-industry entrepreneur—are immeasurable. And now, consequently, he will be honored with the Grammy Salute to Industry Icons Award at the upcoming 2018 Pre-Grammy Gala.

JAY-Z—who released his latest album, 4:44, on June 30 of this year—is scheduled to receive the award at the ceremony, which will be held at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel on January 27, 2018. The ceremony will take place on the day before the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, which will hold at the Madison Square Garden. Coincidentally, both events will take place in New York City, where JAY-Z hails from.

Presenting the award to JAY-Z would be legendary record exec Clive Davis—who has been appointed to co-host the Pre-Grammy Gala—on behalf of the Recording Academy. In a joint press release, Davis and the Recording Academy President & CEO Neil Portnow expressed their pleasure in the recipient’s upcoming recognition. According to Davis, “JAY-Z is a quintessential icon and I couldn’t be happier and more excited to share the evening with him.” And Portnow recognizes the iconic rap artist’s “contributions as an industry trailblazer and music visionary.”

Considered as one of the greatest rappers and best-selling musicians of all time, JAY-Z holds the record for most number-one albums by a solo artist on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart (14). Certain albums of his—1996’s Reasonable Doubt, 2001’s The Blueprint, and 2003’s The Black Album i—are widely considered among the greatest in music history. And he has also made a name for himself as a successful businessman: co-creating the Rocawear clothing line, owning a sports bar (40/40 Club), running Def Jam Records, and founding a sports agency (Roc Nation Sports) and entertainment company (Roc Nation).

Big Boi of Outkast Is Adjusting to the Current Music Industry Reality

Big Boi of Outkast has been active in the rap industry since 1991. In the decades since he’s seen a lot of changes in how musicians make music and how fans consume it. Consumers now expect nearly instant releases and access to songs right away. In the past, the musicians had much more time to perfect their albums before release.

Big Boi recently dropped the release “Boomiverse, ” and he’s staying active to stay relevant with fans. The album contains lots of guest appearances by other rappers and boasts a futuristic theme. Big Boi, whose real name is Antwan André Patton, is staying with the times regarding music trends.

Digital Music Downloads Are Driving Sales

He recently said that he knows the days of platinum-selling albums are long over. Musicians these days must embrace technology or face obsolescence. He now thinks that music must be an immersive medium for people to engage.

Patton says he doesn’t plan on turning into a musician who “microwaves” songs and pushes them out quickly, Instead, he plans on sticking with his winning formula of taking two to three years to produce albums of a high caliber. Even though the music does not pull in as much money as it did in the past, the performer says it builds the brand. Patton remains active with touring and merchandising and said he continues to find a real passion for making music.

Patton’s partner, Andre “3000” Benjamin is making less music these days and is focusing more on his acting career. Big Boi has released three solo albums this decade and is promoting his new animated video for “In The South.”

Chris Brown’s Project Is 45 Tracks: Why So Long?

Chris Brown released his latest album that bore 45 songs and was upwards of 158 minutes long. Some fans, even though they enjoyed many of the tunes, wondered why the R&B singer gave such a long and drawn out message on his new project. The answer to such inquiry is the Billboard charts.

Billboard decided to change its format for arranging weekly rankings so that streamed music can now be included in the count. Many artists rejoiced in the changes since listeners have progressively moved away from CDs and downloads over the past few years. Streaming is the most popular way by which younger generations access tunes, which meant that artists were missing out on significant numbers and rankings before Billboard changed its practices.

Now, the magazine counts an album sale when an artist accumulates ten digital track sales from the project. Every 1,500 plays by way of streaming can garner an album sale.

So there is a method to Chris Brown’s madness. Outside of sharing his heart about life experiences that have molded him into the man that he is today, the recording artist is hoping to dominate the charts with his lengthy project.

A few critics alleged that Chris Brown was battling with a drug problem on the heels of his album release. The singer called such accusations false during a recent interview. “Me doing interviews, you might think I move a lot,” he revealed. “It’s just cuz I’m nervous in this damn interview. [People say] ’Oh, he’s on drugs.’ No, I’m not!”

Regardless of his personal struggles, critics and fans have to agree that Chris’ savviness as an artist is not lacking. You can check out his newest album in stores nationwide.

Eminem’s New Album Title Revealed?

Fans of Eminem have been eagerly awaiting the release of his next album and it seems that their patience has paid off. While a date has not been set as of yet, the title of the album may have been revealed through an Instagram post.

Eminem’s long-time manager, Paul Rosenberg, recently posted a photo on Instagram featuring Yelawolf’s latest release, Trial By Fire. And while that should be a good collection of songs, what really interested people was an advertisement in the background.

The ad is ostensibly for a drug called Revival. However, as one Reddit user noticed, the “e” in Revival is backward, just the way Eminem uses it.

There is a website dedicated to the drug that states it can be taken by ear and is better than any “bull@#$% placebo.” It also states the Revival is for people suffering from “ Atrox Rithimus” whatever that means.

Visitors are even given a number to call to get more information about Revival. By calling 833-2GET-REV fans can get a recorded message about the benefits and side effects of the drug.

It has to be noted that the title Revival could be the last in a trilogy from the Detroit rapper. His previous albums have been titled Relapse and Recovery. Revival would make sense thematically.

It remains to be seen if this viral ad campaign will take off but right now Eminem has got people talking. He made headlines earlier with his freestyle at the BET Hip Hop Awards where he unleashed a furious attack against President Donald Trump.

Justin Beiber’s Return to the Top

The Huffington Post’s entertainment section recently discussed Pop artist, Justin Bieber and the increase in his popularity since his explosive entrance to the music scene at the tender age of 16. The article discussed the highlights of Bieber’s career that were soon followed by a series of public disturbances and questionable behavior. Fans now believe that Bieber is on a road to redemption and has solidified his new journey with his new album, Purpose. The album is full of references to the singer’s troubled history with substance abuse, difficult romantic relationships, and general mischievous activities. Bieber has already earned a great deal of critical acclaim and recognition for his latest work.

Justin Bieber’s rise to fame was discussed in the Huffington Post article prior to a detailed review of his newest album. Because the new album featured songs like, “Sorry,” a song which is an ode to a past lover who has been unfairly treated by Bieber (presumably his high profile ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez). In the album review, Huffington Post authors suggested that Bieber’s apologetic tone throughout the record is reflective of his general attitudes towards his past indiscretions. Although the singer has not directly affirmed that this is the case, his lyrics in several songs on the album would seem to suggest his change of heart.

In the wake of Bieber’s successful new album, the singer also seems to have created positive changes in his life to ensure that he does not fall back into negative habits. The singer has announced his return to his family church in California, as well as the addition of new leaders to his management and support staff. Bieber’s new album has already received the placement of 3 singles on the top 100 Billboard songs list and has been purchased by fans in more than 60 countries worldwide.

The New Album That Shawn Carter Worked on For An Entire Year

Jay-Z has a lot of fans. He is one of the most prolific rappers around, and people still want to know more about his life. Fortunately, Jay-Z has been more than kind enough to actually tell fans what they wanted to know. Jay-Z has had a lot of time to think about what he did in his marriage, and he wanted to express what he was going through in song. It is true that a marriage is only between a man and a woman. Their business is not anything that anybody else really has to know.

The trouble with this theory is that Jay-Z and Beyonce live in the spotlight. There was already a leaked TMZ elevator video that show Beyonce’s sister Solange kicking Jay-Z with Beyonce standing by and doing nothing. This will be the thing that set off all kind of sparks about the possibility of a failing marriage. This was years ago. Beyonce would eventually take to the stage herself to address in music form.

It would only be a matter of time before Jay-Z would have to speak up and say something because it had become the elephant in the room for his career. The
“4:44” album would bring all of this to life. Jay would get the help of a longtime producer and friend No ID, and this would be the first time that Jay-Z would work exclusively with a single producer.

This would become quite a interesting collaboration between the two, and the album would prove to be one of the hottest things in 2017 so far. Jay-Z has done an exceptional job of bringing a raw emotion to the soulful beats that No ID has dug through the crates to find. It is an album that many people are thrilled to hear.