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Cardi B Is On a Musical Winning Streak

As her hit song “Bodak Yellow” states, rapper Cardi B is certainly making money moves. She’s a native of the Bronx and has just made musical history by becoming the first female to simultaneously have all three of her singles in the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs list.

During the week of November 18, “Bodak Yellow” was in the No. 2 spot and her song “Motorsport” with Nicki Minaj and Migos made the list at No. 5, according to Billboard. “No Limit” by G-Eazy, which also features Cardi B and A$AP Rocky, was also bumped up one spot to become the No. 10 song on the Billboard list.

Cardi B is also the first artist to have three of her singles made the top 10 on Billboard all at the same time since 2015 when Fetty Wap accomplished this. Cardi is also only the sixth woman to have three simultaneous top 10 hits any any time in her career, but she’s in good company: Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Rihanna, Ashanti and Beyonce have all had the honor of achieving this musical milestone.

Cardi took to Instagram to thank her supporters after finding out the great news. She shared that her accomplishment was all because of the fans and said that a new single was on the way. A few months prior to this, Cardi B became the first female rapper in two decades to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart without featured artists.

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Cassio Audi, The Brazilian Drummer With A Bang

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” Victor Hugo. Music is an art, which organizes sound based on time.Many things go into making good music. The common elements are pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and texture. These limits govern melody, harmony, loudness, and softness. These elements of music need to be in harmony for the sound produced to be worth remembering. Varying these elements determines the type of music produced. The performance of music differs with the instruments used and the vocal styles used.There are many genres and sub-genres of music including traditional, rock, Hip-hop, folk, pop, Reggae, classical, rhythm and beats, lullabies, etc. The genre of music is open to personal interpretation, and it is sometimes a subject of controversy.

The loose defining principles cause this.Heavy metal is a genre of rock music that is characterized by a loud, aggressive, vigorous, amplified and extended guitar solos. The instruments used are electric guitars, bass guitars, drums and distinctive vocals.The indigenous Brazilian people had a strong musical culture. They developed their instruments, and a signature vocal and instrumental performance. Their music culture had its roots in the 18th century.As they evolved and developed, European music influenced the Brazilian music scene. Their institutional and educational structures relied on music. Their natural styles were capoeira, maracatu, afoxe, and repente.Brazilian heavy metal dates back to the 1980s.

Cassio Audi was a drummer in a Brazilian band. The Viper band composed of iconic artists such as Felipe Machad, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell and Andre Matos.A drummer creates the beats to the song. Drummers must produce a loud beat and deliver it with speed and precision. The bass from the drums is the most important part of heavy rock metal music.The band released their first album ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ in 1987. This won Cassio, the teenage drummer, affection from his fans and band members. To date, he is still considered a legendary drummer. Cassio played with the band from 1985 to 1989.During his stint in the band, Viper released its most popular songs in English. This made their album earn a four-star rating by AllMusic. This exceptional success is attributed to Cassio Audi. He composed beats that were expressive and exceptional. His music still inspires new Brazilian heavy metal music bands.

Migos Mania Highlighted In New Documentary

The Atlanta rap group ‘Migos’ have chronicled the wild times that accompanied the success of their debut album, ‘Culture’, in a documentary that was released on Tidal.

In the film, the album, which reached number one on Billboard charts, is identified as the catalyst for what would become known as ‘Migos Mania.’ Kevin Lee, who runs the label started by the rap trio along with partner Pierre Thomas explains that the documentary was actually released exactly one year ago. Lee goes on to say that he, his partner, and the group were well aware of the quality of music they were producing but are admittedly a little shocked at the hysteria surrounding them since the release of ‘Culture.’

The album to date has sold two million copies in addition to the sale of five million singles from the album.

A large part of the filming of the documentary took place during a promotional tour in New York in 2017. The group visited Hot 97 while in New York and were christened by radio host Peter Rosenberg as the ‘hottest In the game.’

The group was later filmed while being honored by New York University. During their talk at the university, the group discussed the origin of their careers and gave insight into the cadences that have become the group’s signatures in their raps.

The evening ended with the group giving a performance before a sold-out crowd in Manhattan at the Highline Ballroom.

Thomas hints on the documentary that the group will not necessarily confine themselves to the rap game and are looking to expand their scope in future projects. Music from the Migos is not ‘for one group,’ Thomas explains before teasing with the prospects of the Migos making a rock album in the future.

As for now, the group released Culture II at the end of January and it seems that ‘Migo Mania’ will continue for the foreseeable future.

Run the Jewels, Jay Z Have Beef With The Reality Star President

Hip-hop duo Run the Jewels has recently risen to prominence with a focus on politically charged lyrics and energetic instrumentals. Their unique call-and-response style and lively shows have garnered a large audience. The duo has been explicit in their criticism of President Trump’s administration and the state of the American government in general. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, they went so far as to support Jay Z after the rapper was attacked by the President on Twitter.

Specifically, Trump criticized Jay after the latter asserted that Mr. Trump was ignoring the lived reality of Black American poverty. Trump argued that black unemployment is at the lowest levels ever recorded, claiming that Jay-Z was ignorant of his policies. President Trump’s short tenure has been plagued by dismally low approval ratings. The former reality star and real estate mogul has frequently used social media to call out pop culture figures who have doubted his leadership as head of the executive branch.

El-P of Run the Jewels contested that Donald Trump is weaponizing statistics and sidestepping the real issues. His creative partner Killer Mike complimented Jay, calling him “the coolest rapper alive” and pointing to the severe socioeconomic issues that still exist for African-Americans living in the Trump era.

In a genre infamous for its Hatfield-and-McCoy-style feuds, it is still bizarre for a sitting president to openly address the comments of a hip-hop artist. It appears that Jay Z and Run the Jewels have become new components of the ongoing culture wars.

Kendrick Lamar Wows and Wins at the 2018 Grammys

The 2018 Grammys featured a jaw-dropping opening with hip-hop superstar Kendrick Lamar performing a political montage of popular songs from his latest album ‘Damn.’ The young rapper recruited rockers Bono and The Edge from U2 for a powerful piece that led viewers dancing and singing along.

Comedian Dave Chapelle, who would later go on to win his own award for Best Comedy Album, appeared in interludes during Lamar’s performance. An American flag and dancing soldiers lit up the stage for the controversial rapper’s performance.

The crowd cheered with a performance featuring a woman playing drums to “King’s Dead” by Jay Rock who later orchestrated a dramatic dance routine with the rapper himself. Not shy of the theatrics, viewers and audience alike seemed thrilled at the energetic performance rivalling previous year’s acts.

Lamar received several awards this year ultimately losing to Bruno Mars for Album of the Year. Forever humble as his hit track proclaims, he accepted each trophy with thanks to his producers and family. Donning his signature trench coat, the rapper invited collaborators such as Rihanna to share in his success.

This unexpected show was followed by powerful medleys from artists such as Kesha and Pink with their own take on recent news in the music worlds. While the entirety of the performance was prefaced with a message as the show being a satire, critics criticized Lamar for his blunt honesty and outspoken message.

Through theatrics and a driven performance, Lamar started the 2018 Grammys out with a bang. The outcome of the event was set on fire by the opening act and Kendrick Lamar failed to disappoint as the opener. The multiple Grammy winning artist certainly has something new in store for next year.

Pulled into the Orbit of Planet Bruno Mars

When it came to this year’s Grammy Awards, Bruno Mars went stellular, leaving the stage with six trophies. Three of his wins were the big tickets, including Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and the Album of the Year. He also won Best R&B Song, Best R&B Album, and Best R&B Performance. Heck, his music was so hot this year that anyone in the Mars’ orbit was touched by the magic; his recording engineers garnered an award for their work on his album. Talk about planetary pull! The work of Mars makes people move, it incites them to get off their seats and dance.

Kendrick Lamar gave his best musical sounds to the Grammy awards ceremony in Madison Square Garden with help from U2 and Dave Chapelle. Lamar came in second that night in the number of awards to Bruno Mars, with Lamar garnering five trophies, including Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance, and Best Rap Album.

Many commentators and odd-makers in Vegas expected Lamar’s political and potent sound to gain the night’s main prizes, but the judges gave the nod to Mars, leaving many speechless. Meanwhile, old school musician, legend, and entrepreneur Mr. Jay-Z, despite 8 nominations, left the room home empty-handed, and totally eschewed the stage. He didn’t even get a ribbon for attending or a consolation prize. Wait, no, Jay-Z, he’s doing okay. He is still married to Beyonce, a proud papa, and Lamar gave him a call out for president. All-in-all, Jay-Z did all right.

Beyond music, the night was a time for political statements, from the white roses of Time’s Up and Me Too to a remembrance of the victims of the Los Vegas Shootings and commemorations and posthumous awards for legendary artists that we lost in 2018, including Leonard Cohen and Carrie Fisher.

Kendrick Lamar Sweeps Rap Categories at ’18 Grammys

The 2018 Grammy Awards, the 60th edition of the ceremony, aired Sunday night. The festivities were kicked off with a performance by Kendrick Lamar, rapping his songs “XXX” and “DNA.” He was joined on-stage by Dave Chappelle, who, near the end, had a message for the viewers that buoyed Lamar’s performance: “I just wanted to remind the audience that the only thing more frightening than watching a black man be honest in America is being an honest black man in America.”

From that early note in the evening, Lamar dominated the rap conversation at the Grammys. He was nominated for each of the four rap categories this year. And despite worthy competition, Kendrick Lamar won all four rap categories.

Best Rap Performance went to Lamar for “HUMBLE.” Many thought Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” could make waves in this category, but it wasn’t meant to be. For Best Rap/Sung Performance, Lamar won for “LOYALTY.” featuring Rihanna. He topped the likes of Jay-Z and SZA. Best Rap Song was a loaded category. Lamar won for “HUMBLE.”, though in this category, the group of writers are the real winners. The writers for “HUMBLE.” are credited as Duckworth, Asheton Hogan, and M. Williams II.

The final rap category of the 60th Grammy awards was Best Rap Album. Lamar went up against Jay-Z, Migos, Rapsody, and Tyler, the Creator. Kendrick Lamar won for DAMN., completing the four-category sweep.

Of course, it wasn’t all success for Lamar this year. He did lose a number of non-rap categories. He was nominated for both Album of the Year and Record of the Year. Both of those top categories went to Bruno Mars for his 24K Magic. Even still, from beginning to end, talk was about Kendrick Lamar and his rap game.

Kendrick and Lupe: Rap Feud of the Year?

After it was recently announced that Top Dog Entertainment would be in charge of the upcoming Black Panther movie soundtrack, the first single from the album, All the Stars, featuring SZA and Kendrick Lamar promptly dropped to critical acclaim on January Fourth. However, one notable name in Hip-Hop saw the release as just another swag jacking incident on the part of the Compton emcee. Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco, known most notably for his songs ‘Kick, Push’ and ‘The Show Must Go On,’ and considered by many, along with Kendrick, to be an all time great, took to Twitter to showcase his displeasure with the single’s cover being so close to his own Drogas Light variant cover, and a short list of other moments Lupe has suspicions may have been K. Dot biting his style.

Lupe blasted out a series of since deleted tweets on the fifth saying that the All the Stars cover art looked a little too close for comfort to his own Drogas Light cover art variation that the artist debuted in April of 2016. In addition, Fiasco goes on to name several other incidents that he believes are happenings of swagger jacking including Lamar’s shared all black album covers, albums meant to be played both forward and in reverse, and even going so far as to call out Lamar’s interest in Japanese culture and ninja as ripping off his own love of martial arts.

Though Kendrick has yet to respond to the allegations, TDE president Dave Free responded to Lupe through Tweet on January sixth by saying the artist should ‘Kick and push’ his way into a tree, humorously referencing the Lupe hit. Fiasco returned fire in his own signature style by saying that since trees are mostly in grass it would be hard to hit a tree, and suggests maybe a car or well placed gate. Though the tweets have since been deleted, you can follow what is sure to be the unfolding drama on Lupe Fiasco’s Twitter account at

The Best Rapper Alive Isn’t Going Anywhere

Jay-Z is a league entirely of his own. The Brooklyn born and bred lyricist has effortlessly oscillated between international chart topping pop-star and the most-highly respected representative of one of America’s greatest musical folk arts. Nonetheless, he moves without missing a beat and maintains unquestionable integrity and an ability to continue to grow as an artist that truly none of his peers have been able to match. Jay-Z has somehow remained relevant in a genre that is known for too often dismissing the voices of elders. Despite being nearly half-a-century old, rap fans continue to celebrate his latest work.

Jay-Z has elevated the hip-hop genre and operates in a musical state similar to the late Jonny Cash. He is the one rapper of his generation that could have a hit and tour the world into old age. His artistry demonstrates to a new generation, how to better oneself and to age gracefully. This has not been lost on critics around the world. 4:44, his latest work is on most of 2017’s best albums lists. Across the pond 4:44 was recognized by the BBC, Your text to link…, featured next to Father John Misty and the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. This is an artist breaking all the rules, 4:44 is as good an album as he’s released.

Jay-Z’s 4:44 transcends hip-hop, simultaneously elevating the entire culture. It is significant, intellectual, and endlessly compelling. His pen is always precise, but here, Jay-Z is contemplative and vulnerable. He tackles issues like fatherhood, infidelity, and the nature of poverty. He’s transparent, he doesn’t hide behind material things. 4:44 is still in rotation in 2018, and people show no sign of disinterest. At the age of 48, Jay-Z released the best rap album of the year and could easily make another.

Beyonce Is Headlining Coachella!

Beyonce is headlining Coachella this year!!!

We are so excited that Queen B is headlining Coachella. Last year, fans anticipated that B would be headlining the huge event, but her plans of having twins took precedent! We definitely understand a growing family, but we are even more excited that this year… the news has been officially confirmed!

Beyonce is known for her remarkable work ethic, so we are not surprised that less than one year after giving birth to a beautiful set of twins, the top charting trailblazer is ready to showcase her amazing talent and excellent stage presence at this year’s Coachella performance.

Truly, we can only imagine the packed house that will result, because of Beyonce’s appearance. She is well aware that her global fans come out in droves to support her at her concerts, and we do not expect that Coachella will be any different.

Beyonce has an ability to command the stage, and after her Superbowl performances, we have no doubt that this year’s Coachella performance will sizzle and excite every heart in the audience.

For those who are unaware, Coachella is an annual music festival that draws out superstar headliners, such as Lady Gaga and more. The annual festival brings out thousands per year and is typically streamed online for the world to see the headlining performances. So if you are unable to go see Queen B in person, there are definitely other options for you to still see the Coachella performance, and feel like you are also there!