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Renowned Drummer Cassio Audi Turns into a Finance Bigwig

Brazil is well known for its diverse music scene from samba to pagode. In the 80s however, rock music was the genre of the decade that saw a good number of rock bands come up. One such band is Viper which attained stardom far and wide thanks to its talented drummer Cassio Audi.


History of Viper

Viper was made up of Cassio Audi the drummer, Andre Matos the lead singer, and guitarists: Felipe Machado, brothers Yves Passarell and Pit Passarell. They played different genres of rock which included alternative rock, heavy rock, thrash rock, and metal rock. At the time of the band’s formation in 1985, they were all about 15 years old and lived in Sao Paulo.Viper dropped their first demo The Killera Sword in 1985 followed by their first album Soldiers of Sunrise in 1987. This album catapulted them into international fame with tours in not only Brazil but also countries in Asia and Europe. They also got featured in rock magazines like Kerrang, Metal Forces and Metal Hammer. Cassio left the group in 1989 to focus on financial career.

About Cassio Audi

Cassio graduated from Pontifical Catholic University with a degree in Business Administration in 1994 and went ahead to pursue an MBA from the University of Sao Paulo. His career kicked off at JP Morgan Chase as a trader and stock and fixed income analyst in 1992. He worked there till 1996 when he moved to Dow Chemical, a US chemical and plastics company, as a Senior Financial Analyst. Seeking more significant challenges, Cassio joined Gilette (Proctor & Gamble) becoming the Chief Financial Officer from 1997 to 2006. In 2006 he became CFO of a private equity corporation, Brookfield Asset Management. During his tenure here, he led about 16 significant acquisitions, and in 2007 he coordinated the greatest real estate mergers and acquisitions approaching an estimated $1 billion. With these accomplishments in hand, Audi became the Investor Relations Officer and also CFO of Rossi Residential until 2013 when he resigned.


While the young generation may only know of Cassio Audi, the finance mogul, an older generation remembers him as the star of Viper and Brazil rock music.

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Eminem Creates a New Vibe

Eminem is an artist that has had a plethora of platinum out of the years. He has become someone that is well-known in the hip hop community because he defied the odds. He made sure that he moved away from what was considered the norm and did something that was far left from anything that people need.

As a rapper that started his career as a bit of a jokester it appears that he is coming to a serious point as he nears retirement stage. The “Revival” album was an album that was on more of a serious tone with a lot of heavy lyrics that have gotten away from what he was originally known for doing his early days with Dr. Dre.

At this point Eminem is a much older artist, and he has an entirely different perspective on his life. His life has changed a lot from a celebrity status. This has caused them to become someone that reacts differently to the way that he creates music. He does not have the same reaction in the same mentality to create the things that made him successful. This transition from being poor to becoming rich covers a wide spectrum. It almost puts Eminem in a place where he really has nothing left to say when it comes to issues that are going on in the world.

The fans have disconnected themselves from Eminem even though he is still praised is one of the best rappers of this generation. He appears to be someone that is flustered with attempt at making albums because he is up against a much younger generation. In this day and age people are listening to more of the music that comes from the south. This takes Eminem out of the equation with the new millennials.

Tinashe Falls to Reach Mainstream Audience with New Album

Tinashe is coming forth with a new album, and it appears to be another failed attempt to reach a mainstream audience. She has continued to be well known as an excellent dancer that puts together creative choreography routines, but her music tends to fall on deaf ears. There is a reason for this, and the reason is that she is trying to touch an audience that does not really exist anymore.

The music that Tinashe has created would be something that would have been popular when Aaliyah was alive. This type of dance move choreography was something that was big in the 90s, but it has taken a backseat to trap rap and the trap R&B type of style that has dominated the radio.

Tinashe has found herself to be somewhat confused about what really works, and it appears that she has done a little bit of everything because she has been unclear on what really works best.

In the early stages of her first hit record “2 On” Tinashe had a bit of a dance groove and it instantly became something of a mega hit. Three albums later tonight she would prove herself to be more of a one-hit wonder when it came to this song. There are tons of people that are now wondering where she is even though she has been releasing material on a regular basis.

She has the singing voice, but she has not connected with the right producers to give her the type of sound that she needs. This is why her new album has not been able to top the charts as well as it could. She has not surrounded herself with the hitmakers that are currently topping the charts on the radio. This poor choice of producers has caused her to be overlooked.

Young Thug and Future Release New Music Video

Fans of rap music are likely to know the names Young Thug and Future. For those unaware, these are two of the most popular current rappers currently on the scene. These two rappers released an acclaimed album called Super Slimey about six months ago. With that in mind, a new music video for the single “Group Home” from this album has just been released.

Young Thug first gained recognition through the release of several mixtapes. In 2014, Young Thug would see mainstream success after signing to record label 300 Entertainment. Future would see a similar path to success, being signed to a mainstream label after the release of several mixtapes.

This new music video is a blend of surreal and slightly scary imagery. MTV reports that music video director Videogod has once again partnered with Future and Young Thug to create this new music video. Be warned, there are many moments in this video that will have you wondering what you have just seen including a group of people wearing strainers on their heads. In addition, another highlight of this video is seeing a woman flying like a kite throughout the air.

To summarize, Young Thug and Future have released their first music video from their collaborative album Super Slimey. This companion video to the single “Group Home” features a stunning array of wild imagery. Fans of both Future and Young Thug have had to wait six months to see an official music video from this album be released. That being said, the music and visuals are sure to take viewers on a wild ride into the minds of two amazingly talented rappers.

Cassio Audi, The Brazilian Drummer With A Bang

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” Victor Hugo. Music is an art, which organizes sound based on time.Many things go into making good music. The common elements are pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and texture. These limits govern melody, harmony, loudness, and softness. These elements of music need to be in harmony for the sound produced to be worth remembering. Varying these elements determines the type of music produced. The performance of music differs with the instruments used and the vocal styles used.There are many genres and sub-genres of music including traditional, rock, Hip-hop, folk, pop, Reggae, classical, rhythm and beats, lullabies, etc. The genre of music is open to personal interpretation, and it is sometimes a subject of controversy.

The loose defining principles cause this.Heavy metal is a genre of rock music that is characterized by a loud, aggressive, vigorous, amplified and extended guitar solos. The instruments used are electric guitars, bass guitars, drums and distinctive vocals.The indigenous Brazilian people had a strong musical culture. They developed their instruments, and a signature vocal and instrumental performance. Their music culture had its roots in the 18th century.As they evolved and developed, European music influenced the Brazilian music scene. Their institutional and educational structures relied on music. Their natural styles were capoeira, maracatu, afoxe, and repente.Brazilian heavy metal dates back to the 1980s.


Cassio Audi was a drummer in a Brazilian band. The Viper band composed of iconic artists such as Felipe Machad, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell and Andre Matos.A drummer creates the beats to the song. Drummers must produce a loud beat and deliver it with speed and precision. The bass from the drums is the most important part of heavy rock metal music.The band released their first album ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ in 1987. This won Cassio, the teenage drummer, affection from his fans and band members. To date, he is still considered a legendary drummer. Cassio played with the band from 1985 to 1989.During his stint in the band, Viper released its most popular songs in English. This made their album earn a four-star rating by AllMusic. This exceptional success is attributed to Cassio Audi. He composed beats that were expressive and exceptional. His music still inspires new Brazilian heavy metal music bands.

How Jay-Z Returned to Rap Game

Jay-Z has returned to rap game with a very interesting album. The “4:44” album has proven to be a critically acclaimed work from Jay-Z that examines his personal life and things that he has experienced as he transitions from a young rapper with drug tells to an older mogul that is now a husband and a father.

Jay Z hits deep as he goes over things like infidelity, trust issues and other issues that have occurred in his life in recent years. He really gives consumers of his music a great perspective on how he has grown as an artist and a person. He is nominated for Grammys for album of the year, and it appears that he is one of the best contenders when it comes to these type of awards even though he is older than a lot of his competition. Jay-Z have proven over the years that he is consistent, and this is another point where he is getting accolades for his work.

There is a strong amount of interest in this album even though it is one of the shortest albums that Jay-Z has created. He worked closely with Kanye West mentor No ID to bring this album to life.

There is a great backline story from producer No ID about how he did not initially even want to work on this album. He has created a masterpiece when it comes to instrumental loops and samples, but it was a hard road to conceptualize what tracks would actually make the album. No ID actually put together as many as 500 Beats. Jay-Z would have to sort through tons of beats that were already created by this album.
Jay-Z considered many beats.

“4:44” album is something of a classic when one considers his catalog.

Big Boi of Outkast Is Adjusting to the Current Music Industry Reality

Big Boi of Outkast has been active in the rap industry since 1991. In the decades since he’s seen a lot of changes in how musicians make music and how fans consume it. Consumers now expect nearly instant releases and access to songs right away. In the past, the musicians had much more time to perfect their albums before release.

Big Boi recently dropped the release “Boomiverse, ” and he’s staying active to stay relevant with fans. The album contains lots of guest appearances by other rappers and boasts a futuristic theme. Big Boi, whose real name is Antwan André Patton, is staying with the times regarding music trends.

Digital Music Downloads Are Driving Sales

He recently said that he knows the days of platinum-selling albums are long over. Musicians these days must embrace technology or face obsolescence. He now thinks that music must be an immersive medium for people to engage.

Patton says he doesn’t plan on turning into a musician who “microwaves” songs and pushes them out quickly, Instead, he plans on sticking with his winning formula of taking two to three years to produce albums of a high caliber. Even though the music does not pull in as much money as it did in the past, the performer says it builds the brand. Patton remains active with touring and merchandising and said he continues to find a real passion for making music.

Patton’s partner, Andre “3000” Benjamin is making less music these days and is focusing more on his acting career. Big Boi has released three solo albums this decade and is promoting his new animated video for “In The South.”

Desiree Perez Helps Artists Get More Royalties

Tidal was a company that was doing music streaming, but this company was not very well known. It was not until Jay-Z decided to buy this company that people would see what Tidal was all about. The thing Jay-Z knew that he needed to do was change the outlook for this music streaming service. He knew that he could not keep everything the same because he had a different type of plan. He was interested in helping music artists get royalties on their music, and this allowed him to change the course of music streaming.


Desiree Perez is the person that is helping Jay-Z transition to a much better music streaming service. She is grinding out the negotiations for contracts, and she is definitely one that sees a great vision for the Tidal company. This company is moving at a very fast pace, and it appears that more people are interested in premium music streaming. This is lossless audio that has better quality than some of the other free music streaming sites. Desiree Perez is definitely taking that into consideration when she negotiates contracts for artists. This type of premium service is what allows royalties to increase for artists that are providing the content. That has always been the problem with the music streaming industry because several of the popular sites are free. This reduces the money that the artists can get from the music that is streamed by fans.


It is going to be interesting to see how Desiree Perez helps Jay-Z work with Sprint to continue building Tidal. There has already been a commitment to invest in this company, and Sprint has the ability to bring Tidal to even more customers. Desiree Perez is in place to help Jay-Z coordinate this relationship and build a bigger customer base.

Big Sean Shows Love For Butts and Wolves In New Video

Big Sean has created a new music video which many describe as an absolute feast for the senses. It is a psychedelic song full of soul and rhyme. The director of the video is The Kid Studio. Its artistry is a mixture of spiritual images, fire, wolves, butts, water and nature. It has a chaotic feeling to it and it uses the booty of an attractive dancer in a metaphor involving Jesus. By all means, these images shouldn’t come together gracefully. Somehow they do. Sean appears in the video in prayer on top of a roof wearing vibrant, rocking clothes. He hangs out at a bar in the middle of the desert and argues with his critics.

The song is called “Bounce Back.” On his twitter, Big Sean said that in life the odds don’t work in your favor every time but real people bounce back eery time. He wants fans to know they shouldn’t give up even when things aren’t going their way. Big Sean is originally from Detroit. This song is a follow-up to “No More Interviews,” which he released in October. He has plans to release another album with his girlfriend Jhene Aiko in the near future. People who love Big Sean’s music have a lot to look forward to in the coming year. You can read more about him and his upcoming work at his twitter profile.

Master P Discusses Solange’s Album Success

Solange managed to debut in the number one spot on Billboard’s Top 200 albums chart when she released her incredibly soulful, extremely well thought out A Seat at the Table album. She shocked the entire world as everyone put in their earbuds to listen for the first time.


Master P, a renowned rap artist, was heavily featured throughout the entire project. The album had a very clear theme of being black in today’s society, which gave Master P, the No Limit boss, a chance to address just how powerful the album was for the entire black community and music in general.


According to Billboard, Master P said:


“Solange is someone I think the game is missing. People been talking about Beyonce even though Beyonce is a big star but Solange been working hard too. She’s been putting together her team of people and I feel like we all a part of that support team.”


For those who may not know it, Solange and Beyonce are sisters. In fact, they are the third set of siblings to have achieved a top spot on the Billboard’s album charts. The sisters received some hate for their elevator incident where Solange attacked Jay-Z, Beyonce’s husband. However, the incident did not seem to matter to fans who flocked to the new album in droves.


Master P believes everyone should embrace Solange as a singer and as a role model due to her talent, artistry, and hard work.


“I think all women should chase their dreams and goals too,” he continued. “She’s gonna be motivation for women that have been through a lot and want more out of life without being in the shadows of someone else. I think it’s good for the culture and I’m glad I was a part of it.”


Solange’s A Seat at the Table is currently receiving outstanding reviews from various media outlets.


As for Master P, he is currently working on his own music at this time. His artist, MoeRoy, recently dropped Trap Michael Jackson. Master P himself is going to release an LP, Louisiana Hot Sauce, early next year.