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BET Announces Two New Urban-Themed Documentaries

Recently, BET announced it would release two documentary shows related to rap and R&B music. “The Bobby Brown Story” will chronicle the life and career of the infamous Bobby Brown, the R&B artist who famously struggled through personal problems and a tumultuous marriage to Whitney Houston. This exciting new show will feature the talents of writer Abdul Williams and executive producer Jesse Collins. Because Bobby Brown’s life featured so many ups and down, I’m confident that BET has plenty of material to work with in its quest for true drama. Judging from BET’s previous documentary offerings, it is likely that “The Bobby Brown Story” will stay fairly close to the facts. I certainly hope that Williams and Collins do not exercise too much artistic license as they cover this sensitive and fascinating story about celebrity run amok.

The other documentary series announced by BET is entitled “Death Row Chronicles. As reported by a number of music journalists, this docu-series will follow the story of Death Row Records, a controversial hip-hop music label. Although Death Row was responsible for breaking a number of outstanding artists such as Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, this record label was dogged by scandal from its earliest days. Tupac Shakur was signed to Death Row when his life tragically ended. Reportedly, this documentary will mix music history with true-crime drama. Although you never quite know how any series will pan out, I think it is safe to say that “Death Row Chronicles” bears all of the hallmarks of a successful program. I am glad that BET is stretching its muscles and exploring new territory. Although music documentaries aren’t necessarily the most glamorous types of programs, this variety of informative programming should have a prominent place in any network’s lineup. It remains to be seen if BET will continue producing high-quality documentary shows in the future.

T-Pain is Coming

T-Pain’s newest hit, ‘See Me Comin’, is an aggressive song that reminds listeners of the ups and downs of his career. His lyrics reminisce about his youthful times and how he has transitioned to the top of the hip hop game. Accompanied by a melodic beat and hard hitting drums, T-Pain cements his legacy as an auto tune genius with this piece. ‘See Me Comin’ has been commended by critics for a steady beat and promising longevity. When it comes to the hottest hits, T-Pain has shown again and again that he has mastered this genre of music. This song is part of his latest album, Stoicville: The Phoenix, that was teased in early 2015. In recent interviews, the artist has said that the delay was due to tour dates and VIP events. Now that he has resumed his regular schedule, the album should showcase a wide variety of styles and featured artists. On Billboard, ‘See Me Comin’ has surged to the top 100 and will likely remain there for a while. Similar singles have thrived during the spring months of music where fast paced songs are the most popular. Although T-Pain has shifted his sound over the years, the fundamental tones are still there. Listeners will be pleased to hear a raspy voice during intermissions and a smooth call during the chorus. Overall, ‘See Me Comin’ has been a tremendous success that is supported by a music video. We can visualize the difficulties of T-Pain’s life and how he works to provide a life for the future.

Chance the Rapper Starts New Foundation for Illinois Schools

It was only a month ago that Chance the Rapper was starting to have a negative image with a governor. This rapper had promised that he would do something to help Chicago and hadn’t come through. However, I have to say that this rapper even offering is a cut above what most would do. Chance the Rapper did have a plan and recently he showed everyone what he planned to do.


The New Chance Arts and Literature Fund was created by this superstar to help to fund arts programs. This fund will go to the schools that are most in need of an arts department within their schools. In addition, Chance the Rapper has stated he plans on donating one million dollars of his own money to Chicago public schools.


The governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, had sent out a tweet congratulating the rapper on his recent Grammy win. Chance the Rapper was the recent winner of the Best New Artist award. The rapper responded with a request to setup a meeting to discuss the state of schools in Illinois. Rauner agreed to the meeting between the two men. However, the meeting did not go as well at all between Rauner and Chance the Rapper.


After the meeting was over, Chance stated that he didn’t like the answers he received from the governor. One thing that could have drawn the ire of Chance the Rapper was Rauner vetoing a bill that would have allowed for more money for schools in Illinois. One of the most shocking parts of the meeting was when Chance the Rapper was heard by an NBC reporter telling Rauner to “do your job.”


It appears that Chance the Rapper took the negative tone of the meeting in stride with his new plan. It appears that the relationship between Chance the Rapper and Chicago couldn’t be stronger.


Rick Ross Album Debuts High

The music industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. While most people are unable to gain the following and fandom necessary to make it big, there are a select few artists that always seem to be at the top of the charts. While it can be a very challenging career to pursue, Rick Ross is one musician that always seems to find himself at the top of the charts.


Per a recent news article (, Rick Ross has a new album out that is already listed among the leaders in the Billboard 100. Rick Ross had a very highly anticipated album called Rather You Than Me, which has jumped out of the gates to make a lot of money in sales. Based on the chart results dated at the end of March, he is currently number two on the Top 100 list.


The results of his new album have been very positive overall. The album in the last week sold the equivalent of 106,000 album units, which is one of the highest results of the year so far. Rick Ross is by no means new to the Top 100 list. This is the 12th time that he has been on the top 100 list since he first debuted in 2006. It is also the 10th time that he has appeared in the top 10.


While Ross had a very good rating and ranking for his album, some of the individual singles on the album have done well as well. The newest single on the album is Trap Trap Trap, which has been available for more than a week ahead of the rest of the album. This record has individual cracked the Top 100 list and has seen over 7.3 million different streams domestically in the past week, which is a 230 percent increase compared to the prior week. The popularity has also been helped by the release of the music video, which is quickly becoming one of the most watched videos on YouTube today.



Chance Did Amazing On Good Morning America

The rapper Chance recently performed on Good Morning America. He performed his hit song “Summer Friends.” The crowd loved it. There more people in the studio than normal, and there were more people than normal watching from home, too. Chance did something very special with his song. He had his producers use certain technology to make the song sound more amazing. The result was his voice sounding like a robot and the piano sounding like glass.


The rapper Chance also gave an interview with the host of Good Morning America. He talked about how he plans to have a new album coming out soon. He also discussed how he plans to have a different style than all other rappers in the industry. Chance further stated that many rappers talk about the same thing today. Chance went on to mention that hip-hop has a trend to not talk about certain subjects within music. One of these subjects is God. Chance stated that he plans to break this barrier with songs that directly talk about God. Chance loves the fact that he is creative enough to share his faith through his music.


Chance was applauded by the hosts of Good Morning America and all the fans in and outside the studio. This applause came after it was announced that Chance was the first rapper to break Billboard records with a stream-only album. No other rapper has ever come close to the amount of music Chance has sold through the Internet. Chance explained how the Internet is putting many music stores out of business. According to Chance, rappers can only make reasonable money through performing or selling music on the Internet. Chance can remember selling his home-made compact disks and cassette tapes on the street. He is sad to admit those days are over and are not coming back.


Chance concluded his interview by telling everyone where they can purchase his new music online. He also signed many autographs before he left the building. The Good Morning America hosts stated they loved having Chance on the show, and they hope to have him on the show again in the future. Rumors are circling that Chance does have a desire to go onto the Good Morning America show in the future.


Rapper Kodak Black Makes Video Under House Arrest

The young rapper Kodak Black made news recently. Just one week ago he was released from prison. In imitation of Gucci Mane, he created a music video while under house arrest. The name of the song featured in the video is “There He Go.” In the video, he is filmed hanging out with friends and dancing around. The 19 year old was born and raised In Pompano Beach, Florida. He appears happy in the video and uses provocative lines that surprise you.

He was released into house arrest after paying $100,000 in bail money to the state of South Carolina. The rapper says that he is happy to be home with his family and friends. He is grateful for the love and support of his fans and wants to focus on creating more music. He is eager for the chance to clear his name and do good work in the future. He has long said that his goal in life is to be the illest rapper alive. Fans can look to his Instagram account for news on a fresh tape that he will be releasing. He says that he is working tirelessly each day to put new music out there. He also stated that “If God Is With You Who Can Be Against You.” You can read more about Kodak Black and his music here.

Big Sean Shows Love For Butts and Wolves In New Video

Big Sean has created a new music video which many describe as an absolute feast for the senses. It is a psychedelic song full of soul and rhyme. The director of the video is The Kid Studio. Its artistry is a mixture of spiritual images, fire, wolves, butts, water and nature. It has a chaotic feeling to it and it uses the booty of an attractive dancer in a metaphor involving Jesus. By all means, these images shouldn’t come together gracefully. Somehow they do. Sean appears in the video in prayer on top of a roof wearing vibrant, rocking clothes. He hangs out at a bar in the middle of the desert and argues with his critics.

The song is called “Bounce Back.” On his twitter, Big Sean said that in life the odds don’t work in your favor every time but real people bounce back eery time. He wants fans to know they shouldn’t give up even when things aren’t going their way. Big Sean is originally from Detroit. This song is a follow-up to “No More Interviews,” which he released in October. He has plans to release another album with his girlfriend Jhene Aiko in the near future. People who love Big Sean’s music have a lot to look forward to in the coming year. You can read more about him and his upcoming work at his twitter profile.

Rapper Lil Yachty Shares His Thoughts

The famed rapper Lil Yachty is making news recently. He is finishing 2016 with an appearance in the men’s style section of “The New York Times”. This will be his first time on the cover of a major newspaper section. He is 19 years old, and he models designer shoes. He shows off an impressive collection of outfits that display his personality. The young man has had a rapid rise to fame in the extremely competitive music industry. Those who know him say he exudes unshakeable confidence.

In the accompanying interview, Lil Yachty says that he is not just a rap artist. He considers himself to be a brand. He has named himself “king of the teens” and shares his thoughts on why his fans have such a deep love for him. He believes it is because of his authenticity. In his music, he never raps about smoking or drinking. He doesn’t do those things in his personal life, so they have no place in his music. He only puts things in his lyrics that reflect his genuine character.

He believes that the youth of America relate to him because they are similar to him in many ways. He wants to extend his reach around the globe. It looks like he just may succeed. He has been featured as a model by Kanye West and appeared in a commercial with Lebron James. All this excitement is occurring as he releases a new song in collaboration with A$AP Ferg to his fans. You can read more about Lil Yachty’s rise to prominence here.

Kanye West And Chance The Rapper Songs Are Mashedup

The world has seen Chance the Rapper and Kanye West together on stage. It has not yet been exposed to a mashup of their music. The two men have worked together on songs like “Ultralight Beam” and more. The new mashup of their music was created by DJ Clyde and DJ Critical Hype. They have focused their efforts on making a new mixtape called Chance the Dropout. It is a blend of 23 songs that take Kanye’s beats and put them together with Chance’s songs. For fans of both artists, this is truly a delight. Chance has long been known for his great wordplay. Some consider him to be the wittiest rapper onstage at the moment. Kanye is famous for his smooth and entrancing beats. A new sample has been released to give us a teaser of what the mashup album will sound like.

The album took a year and a half to produce. The two DJs involved said that it was a match made in heaven. There has been a long standing feud between young and old Chicago artists. The album is in ways an attempt to bring them together. Kanye and Chance the Rapper will be opponents at the upcoming Grammy awards. Until they face off on that date, this album will bring fans of their music together. At one point in time, Kanye praised Chance the Rapper as “the future of rap.” You can read more about Kanye’s thoughts on Chance the Rapper here.

Kanye West on an Odyssey to finish ‘The Saint Pablo’ Tour

It goes without saying that the last few months of 2016 were quite awful for Yeezy. The ‘Jesus Walks’ rapper had a year marred with personal mishaps which included his wife, Kim Kardashian West, being robbed in Paris in October. This was followed by an astounding cancellation of the eagerly awaited ‘Saint Pablo Tour’ in the United Kingdom. To cap it all off, Kanye West was hospitalized in Los Angeles and placed on a psychiatric hold in November. All I have to say is, ‘What a year!’


Kanye West has maintained an uncharacteristically low profile over the past few days. He asserted that he wants to focus on family and further mentioned that he prioritizes his children over any other thing. Yeezy looks forward to batten his parenting skills to a level as great as his lyrical prowess and become a good dad to his children.


Despite all the excruciating moments that 2016 had to proffer, Kanye West shook off the dust off his shirt and seems more vibrant, rejuvenated and exhilarated. Yeezy’s fans should be prospective of surprises from the Grammy Award Winner which would include more music and The Saint Pablo Tour. Kanye also intends to complete working on his fashion line.


Sources informed E! News that Kanye wants to finish the tour since he has a tremendous and inexplicable passion for it. Kanye shall hopefully make up for the time he missed during his hospitalization.


I remember being personally disappointed when the ‘Famous’ deacon of words cancelled the remaining dates of The Saint Pablo Tour; I would bet my life that virtually every Yeezy die-hard was equally disappointed. Well, Yeezy is back to give us all a treat! Buckle up, folks, this shall be epic!