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Kacey Musgraves Releasing New Record Soon

Country music singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves is releasing a new record soon and talked to “Rolling Stone Magazine” about it recently. The album is scheduled to come out in the summer or early fall.

I think that it’s going to be very hard for Musgraves to top her first record, “Same Trailer Different Park”. That was a brilliant record, in my opinion. The title track especially had eerie and beautiful lyrics. All of the songs on the record were catchy and had smart, distinct themes to them. There were no filler songs or vague lyrics.

Musgraves grew up near country superstar Miranda Lambert in small town Texas and was inspired by the older singer’s success. Keith Mann thinks that Musgraves is a more interesting artist since she’s a better songwriter. On the other hand, Lambert is arguably a better singer and performer.

Musgraves tells Rolling Stone that she likes Taylor Swift’s recent record “1989,” but that she never wants to be as big of a star as Swift. She says that she likes her life the way it is and that Swift is too exposed. Musgraves used to be a staff Nashville songwriter and worked regular hours with partners. If she grows tired of being in the limelight, then she could always return to that nine-to-five type of life and write songs for other artists in anonymity.