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The World Record for What? Ask Murs the Rapper

The Guinness Book of World Records educates people on things that they never thought they needed to know. Some world records are fairly interesting while some are disgusting, like the record for the world’s longest fingernails. Alas, these records exist and somebody has to break them, right? Well, not every great accomplishment exists, but that is when otherworldly beings make those records happen.


Murs is a rapper from Los Angeles that does not enjoy the fact that the Guinness Book of World Records does not include one for the world’s longest rap sessions. Intent on making this great feat happen, Murs found out the necessary information for how long he would need to spit some serious rhymes. With twenty-four consecutive hours being the answer, Murs headed to the studio at nine in the morning on October 12, 2016 to begin his record-breaking lyrics.


Due to end on October 13 at eleven in the morning, the rapper ensured that his entire session would be recorded, so those who are curious can watch history being made. How is it possible for him to make it through such a taxing session, though? Thankfully, the judges are not entirely cruel and they have allowed the rapper to take a break every hour for no more than five minutes. The rapper has since beat the record, but the lingering question of “How?” keeps being pressed upon him.


“Combining my own compositions with songs I love by other artists should keep me amped up enough. If not, there’s coffee and coffee,” stated Murs before beginning his task. Without a doubt, love and fervor will take you anywhere in this world, including through twenty-six hours of non-stop musical genius.