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Eminem And Tech N9ne Work Together Again

Wasn’t it just in April that we got a collab between these two epic MCs? Well, they are back at it again. Over the years everyone has been asking when would these two rappers work together. They have so much in common with their rapid fire delivery, their content and even their fan base. In April we heard an epic collab between the two and according to the fine folks at MTV News they have already created their next hit in the lab together.

I like how they sort of bartered verses instead of doing the typical feature payment process that is so common in rap music where all that you need to get a verse from a rapper is to pay them money. You can definitely tell that these guys have a lot of respect for each other. As the rapper’s say, game recognizes game. We suppose that skill sees skills to and we cannot wait until their next song together. Hopefully it will be much sooner than later and if they are keeping up with the current way that they are working together, then we can definitely hear another song by them together by fall. To hear their first collab, visit Qnet online in the video.