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“Spider-Man” Reboot Looking to Bring Fresh Perspective to Character

After two different takes on Spider-Man resulted in five different Spider-Man films, it almost seems risky to make a new reboot of the character. Despite Spider-Man’s huge popularity and continuing appeal with crowds, making the sixth Spidey film unique is going to be one of the main challenges facing director Jon Watts.

Of course, the main difference is obvious and exciting–Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is finally going to be a part of a larger superhero universe. He’ll be able to meet and play with other superheroes instead of appearing to be something of a loner in a class of his own. That’s something a few at Qnet are looking forward to. Since he’ll appear in “Captain America: Civil War” it’s possible that his backstory will at least partially be taken care of there, and that the stand-alone film will be able to build on already-established facts rather than having to introduce the character afresh.

But Kevin Feige, boss of Marvel Studios, has also hinted at more fresh aspects of the film. For one thing, they’re hoping to focus more on how the character of Peter Parker is influenced by his youthful, high-school age. Unlike some aspects of Tony Stark or Natasha Romanoff, Parker is very easy to relate to, as he deals with issues most of us could all imagine dealing with.

Feige has also commented about the villain who will appear in the film, stating that, “Right now we’re interested in seeing villains we haven’t seen before.” While this doesn’t give a lot of detail, it does help assure us that the reboot will stand apart from the previous films.