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Three Unlikely Artists, One Fantastic Hit Song

The entertainment industry is all about the hype, so when multiple sub-industries coincide as a means to benefit another, magical things certainly happen. Much anticipation exists in relation to the release of the movie of the decade, the Suicide Squad. Artists have been working tirelessly to compile the music for the film–some of which are some fairly unlikely trios.

Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys, Marc Ronson, and Action Bronson have all teamed up to make for one, killer song: “Standing in the Rain.” Reminiscent of the 80’s hit by Oran Juice Jones, “The Rain,” this song plays on the talents of each of the artists for one, harmonious masterpiece.

The song first debuted on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show, and people who are anxiously awaiting the premiere of the film quickly became fans. The blues meets r&b meets hip hop style of the song is vastly unique and has already resulted in millions of plays, downloads, and general fans.

The term, “diversity,” is certainly, well, diverse, as it applies to a multitude of situations. Three, drastically different artists have joined forces to craft a piece that is not only diverse in flavor, but among a fan base. Perhaps these people enjoy the same tastes in music simply because they are all excited for this movie, or maybe they appreciate enjoy the pure, unfiltered talent of the three artists.