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Legendary Rapper Mos Def Continues Farewell Tour

The influential artist formerly known as Mos Def is currently on a whirlwind concert tour that will mark the end of his hip-hop and acting career. Yasiin Smith Bey is also busy releasing final recordings before he retreats into the life of a graphical artist.


The New York Times reported that Mos Def will perform at the Apollo Theater before the end of the year and prior to the final dates of his farewell tour. Mos Def is a native of New York City, where some of his best performances have taken place.


Mos Def was recently in Miami for the Art Basel festival. While in South Florida, the rapper performed live and introduced new music. It so happens that Mos Def plans to dedicate himself to painting and the study of African culture, and thus his presence at Art Basel served as a glimpse of the near future.


Before kicking off his farewell tour, Mos Def had been living in South Africa, where he was detained for several months after a controversial immigration issue. Mos Def was detained at an international airport in Cape Town on his way out of South Africa. The musician was carrying a World Passport, a travel document that South African immigration officials do not recognize.


After a lengthy legal fight that culminated in an apology by the rapper, Mos Def was given permission to depart South Africa. He may be allowed to return if he present an appeal. His final concert date is scheduled for January 2017.