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O2Pur and The Exciting and Growing Industry of e-Cig in the Stock Market

There are many companies today whose successes seem to be too tentative to matter. In the case of the companies involved in the e-cig industry, the truth and the statistics today shows that it’s one of the most thriving businesses today that people can take a part of.

In an article from the Motley Fool, we learned that there’s so much industry consolidation going on in the tobacco industry. With these new changes, there’s a lot more incentive for the global cigarette giants to get to their heads and put all their ideas on the table. They want to experience all the potentials and leads from the world of trading about combustible cigarette alternatives today. With these new changes in the trading environment, we now see the participation of companies like Reynolds-American and British American Tobacco. These brands are leading mostly because of their creativity to make sure that they have e-cigarette devices that can satisfy discriminating tastes of users.

There are now early newcomers in the world of e-cig, and this is why the e-cig trading today is one of the most exciting events in the stock market. Other than the two brands, we can also observe the rise of such e-cig companies like Altria, which is just an early entrant in the game.

Reynolds American is an early entrant, too, but they can offset their amateur status by acquiring other companies to expand their assets and stocks. It has even purchased blu eCig for about $135 million today, which is a decision that was caused because of their aim to protect their assets. Another growing company in the eCig game is O2Pur.

The Rise of O2Pur

O2Pur is outstanding in its offers mainly because it is offering products that the rest of the competition is not offering at discounted rates. The three important factors in people’s decision to pick the right e-cig are price, convenience, and flavors. All of these attributes are what define O2Pur right now, and these offerings are what make sure that they will be one of the leading and fast-growing e-cig companies today.

Right now, it is leveraging their discounted prices as a differentiator in the game. They offer about $200 worth of giveaways and discounts to make sure that they stand out in the choices of consumers.