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“Slay” Your Modeling Career With Brown Modeling Age

Do you dream of becoming a model? Is it the glamour or is it the guts? If you’ve got all of the above, and you don’t mind delving into the competitive beauty and fashion industry, it’s time you started getting your ducks in a row.

1. Skip the Selfie – Build a Portfolio
If you want to model, we know you have a Facebook full of selfies, right? Unfortunately, everyone and their mother does too! To truly shine and stand out from the crowd, build an excellent portfolio. Invest in a great photographer and work magic. Keep it stunningly simple with make-up and dress. Take shots in simple settings with neutral colors. Wear clothing that isn’t flashy, and make sure the background isn’t too distracting – you want all eyes on you! If you’re a beginner, don’ t try complicated poses. Be relaxed, and present yourself honestly with a fresh face.

2. Set Your Standards

Before you get into the beauty industry, know what your standards are. While modeling, you are bound to find an agency, photographer, or company that wants you to slip off a bit clothing. If you aren’t comfortable with that, be content in knowing that it may take a while to find consistent career matches for you. If you’re willing to go that extra mile now, make sure you still set appropriate boundaries for yourself so you keep your love and passion for the trade flowing. Set your standards now and re-evaluate when necessary.

3. No One is a Free Agent

Seek out an agent. That portfolio you make will come in handy! Going it alone is next to impossible in this day and age. You’ll need to align yourself with an agent who knows the ropes and is willing to jump in the ring for you if and when necessary. Do your homework on the industry and seek out an agent that is right for you, and a company that mirrors your values. Make sure that you can communicate professionally, and honestly without the tinge of hopeless desperation, this will give you practice in negotiating your pay later on.

4. Safety First
There are many, many stories of agents finding models in clubs, malls, shopping stores, libraries…well not so much in libraries, but you get the picture. Make sure you always keep your safety in mind. It is better to make a connection with a reputable source than to find yourself posing for a fraud. This is where Brown Agency comes in. A fresh face in the industry, coming to Austin in Spring 2010, they’ve already established themselves as professionals. Check them out at!

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