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Interview With President Of FreedomPop

Best MVNO On The Market

There are several options to choose from when you are looking for a wireless provider to service your data coverage, phone calls and text messaging needs. Just recently, I found out about a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) called FreedomPop that has the most outstanding programs designed to service your wireless needs while saving you a bunch of money in the process. You save money on your phone bill while getting a great service that you can trust when you work with FreedomPop. The company has been growing and expanding to cover more areas as well.

FreedomPop actually just announced recently that they would service the United Kingdom in addition to serving the United States. Residents in the UK have been enjoying FreedomPop’s outstanding service for a couple months now, and the reports on how the company is doing in the UK so far are quite good. The conversion rates in the UK are over 40 percent from the free service that FreedomPop offers to a paid service. This number is at around 50 percent in the US. Users of FreedomPop have the option to switch from their basic, free plan to a service that provides more coverage at a paid rate.

The free plan from FreedomPop is exquisite because they offer users 200 MB of data, 200 text messages and 200 talk minutes without charging a dime for anything along the way. Users have the option to upgrade to a paid service with more coverage, of course. There is also a great travel plan with FreedomPop that allows the user to have coverage in different countries without switching phones.

Mobile World Live released a detailed article about how the company is changing just recently. The article gives details of an interview with the president of FreedomPop. The FreedomPop representative, Nicholas Constantinopoulos, gives precise details on how FreedomPop stands out in front of their competitors by offering one of the most reliable MVNOs on the market at an affordable or free price. For the full interview, go to Mobile World Live’s website here.

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