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The Frenetic, Fantastic Energy of Missy

One of the longest awaited albums in 2016 was that of Missy Elliott. When she released “WTF (Where They From)”, it was as if the entire hip-hop world erupted with happiness. After all, this was a woman who had dominated the rap scene for almost a decade. Her absence had been noted frequently—and fans had missed the quirky musings and brilliant phrasing of one of the best artists in the game.


If Missy seems as if she is from a different era, perhaps it’s because she is. And, in her case, this is a very good thing. After working with notable artists such as Aaliyah and Timbaland, there isn’t much else that this woman could do to claim her rightful place as hip-hop royalty. However, when it comes to Missy, she barely seems as if she even needs to try. Her flow is always tight, and it has never sounded better than it did in 2016. With rapid-fire responses and her always sensational style, Missy Elliott has proved once again why she always deserves a seat at the head of the hip-hop table.


After all, there is a reason why this gifted female rapper has worked with so many legends in her time. She is an absolute legend in her own right, and no one can take this away from her. In the history books of hip-hop, Missy will always be known for her wit, showmanship and ability to collaborate so well with some of the best people in the business. She is the rare kind of artist who always brings out the best in others, even when she is making some of the most innovative tracks around. If there was one good thing about 2016, it was the fact that Missy Elliott once again graced us with her talent.