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Meek Mill To Get Another Day In Court

Judge Genece Brinkley, who previously sentenced rapper Meek Mill to a two to four-year prison term for a probation violation has granted the Philadelphia rap artist a post-conviction hearing to take place in April. Meek is hoping the hearing will result in his release due to new evidentiary findings in his case.

The new push for Meek’s freedom on the part of his lawyers is in response to recently released news concerning secret list that was maintained by the District Attorney’s office in Philadelphia that named officers with a history dishonesty, brutality, and racial bias when dealing with the public. The list was reportedly kept to identify officers who should not be allowed to testify at the trials of defendants.

The arresting officer in Meek’s case, Reginald V. Graham is not only named in the list kept by the DA’s office but has also believed to have lied in the report pertaining to Meek’s arrest. Fellow officer Jerold Gibson has given a sworn affidavit that disputes Graham’s claims that Meek pointed a gun at him. Gibson, who was present at the scene said the rapper never pointed a gun at Graham or anyone else that was present.

Judge Brinkley has granted Meek’s post-conviction hearing to sort out these issues.

A lawyer speaking for Meek points out that 800 individuals have had their cases dismissed due to the revelation of the list of officers who had been known to commit crimes themselves, lying about the details of arrests, and producing false documents to back-up their lies.

Officer Graham is the only officer to provide testimony at Meek’s original trial. Meek’s next day in court will take place on April 16.

Transcripts Suggest That Judge Did Not Influence Meek Mill’s Choice In Management

Perhaps the most shocking accusation made by lawyers for imprisoned rapper Meek Mill is that the judge overseeing his case, Geneva E. Brinkley, attempted to influence his choice in management for his rap career. It is alleged by the Meek Mill camp that his decision not to be influenced by Judge Brinkley is the real reason he is now doing time in prison.

Brinkley has chosen not to publicly respond to the allegations but did take the unusual step of making seal transcripts in the Meek Mill case available to the public late Friday.

The released document shows no evidence that Brinkley sought to influence any business decisions on the part of Meek Mill and in fact Brinkley in the transcripts is specifically shown to express that she is not interested in influencing any decision pertaining to his management.

The transcript does, however, seem to suggest that Meek’s probation officer, Treas Underwood, and to a smaller degree Noel DeSantis, who at the time was Assistant District Attorney did voice criticisms for Meek’s current management team and suggested that the rapper rehire former manager Charles Alston.

It was Underwood and DeSantis position that the firm managing Meek’s career was causing conflict between Meek and the court while causing the rapper to become involved in situations that violate his probation terms.

Upon reading the transcript, Meek’s lawyer Joe Tacopina expressed that it was irrelevant whether it was Brinkley herself that was the actual voice of the demand to Meek to change management teams of if that voice had been a probation officer that had been appointed by Brinkley to oversee Meek’s case.

Tacopina asserts that the relevant fact is that Meek left the meeting with the court feeling as if he was being pressured to make a move in his career that was being demanded by the court.