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Sa-Roc Celebrates Self-Empowerment with Latest Offering

Hip hop MC Sa-Roc is out with her latest single and music video from Rhymesayers. A part of the God Hop movement, Sa-Roc mostly flew under the radar until 2014 when she collaborated with David Banner on “The Who?”, a hip hop anthem celebrating slain Congolese independence leader Patrice Lumumba. Since being signed by Rhymesayers, she has cut a wide swath through the God Hop movement, collaborating with Brother Ali on his latest album and touring as part of The Own Light Tour.

Born in Washington D.C., Sa-Roc later moved to Atlanta where she connected with producer Sol Messiah. Together, they carved out their own signature brand of conscious hip hop. Sa-Roc’s positive and profound lyrics soon gained her attention from indie label Rhymesayers, who added her to their stable of artists in 2016; she became only the second female artist after Psalm One to join the company.

“Promise” celebrates individual identities and self-love. Like many of Sa-Roc’s songs, it reveals her personal struggles, namely her battles with an eating disorder and self-cutting. However, in keeping with the God Hop oeuvre, the message remains overwhelmingly positive with a chorus that celebrates being true to yourself.

Sa-Roc’s new track is accompanied by a music video directed by Tommy Nova. The video is filled with shots of Sa-Roc rapping on a gold throne. Scenes that would be self-congratulatory in another artist’s video are powerful and self-affirming in this one. Sa-Roc has spoken candidly about the male domination of the hip hop industry and her latest video clearly reflects the pressures and pain that women go through in their daily life. The strong cliffs of Georgia’s Providence Canyon State Park flank Sa-Roc, punctuating her revelations that music execs find her too masculine and aggressive. However, as “Promise” exhorts listeners, Sa-Roc is damn fine just the way she is.