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How Dr. Chris Villanueva Decided To Make His Dental Practice Company Different From All The Others

As the founder and chief executive officer of MB2 Dental Solutions, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva says that he thinks a lot of other CEOs get it wrong by micromanaging their executives and employees. He says that he doesn’t do this because he hires people that are great for their role and then stays out of their way. He focuses instead on setting the overall vision of his company and then keeping people inspired to do their best.Dr. Chris Villanueva started out his professional career as a dentist. He has both owned his own practice and has worked in a corporate setting. He says that since he has worked on both sides of the provider-business sides of the dental industry he had developed direct knowledge of what dental offices need in the way of support and business services. He also knew that dentists require complete autonomy when it comes to the clinical side of their business which he and his business very much respect.

MB2 Dental Solutions now has more than 70 affiliated dental practices. These practices are located in six states. His company has over 500 employees and is looking to grow further this year. Dr. Chris Villanueva says he differentiates his company from others by having developed more a youth culture. They have fun while at the same time being very professional in their relationships with their affiliated dental practices. He says most firms like his are boring and uninspired which carries over to how patients are treated.Like just about every dental industry, Dr. Chris Villanueva says that technology is changing dentistry in many different ways. He says that he’s fascinated by technology both in his personal and professional lives. He thinks it’s really interesting how tech is changing the patient experience in very positive ways.

They can receive great treatment because of new technology and unlike the past get entertainment in a variety of ways during their visit which distracts them from what is going on.In an interview on Enterprise Radio, Dr. Chris Villanueva said that he established a bi-yearly retreat practice soon after he established MB2 Dental Solutions. The goal is to bring together the dentists that have affiliated with his company in a team bonding exercise. In the past they have gone on trips such as one to Cabo San Lucas and another in which they went on a white-water rafting expedition. The goal is for everyone to have fun together and pick up some dentist tips along the way.