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Real Estate in New York City

Dave Liniger, the person responsible for building RE/MAX has announced that he will be focusing his efforts on New York City. Dave is recognized for building such a building from a normal shop to a huge global powerhouse.

Liniger is all set to venture into the New York real estate industry. His main aim is to power the local brokerages and also expand his territory. This is part of a plan for the nation to purchase sixteen regional offices from the company.

In order to make his plans successful, Liniger has included the company’s veteran, Terri Bohannon. Terri will be leading a team of specialists, and they will be starting a fresh marketing and also branding campaign that will be beneficial to the growth of the operation.

According to Dave Liniger, the team will do very well. The New Jersey region was quite successful, and at the moment, they have a share of about twenty percent in the market. They also have the same shares in Pennsylvania and England.

His company, RE/MAX, has managed to acquire more than one hundred agents in different offices all over the United States, and in more than one hundred nations in the world. The company was started around the 1970s, and it has managed spread its wings, selling master franchises.

RE/MAX has managed to set up an office in Manhattan but just like the other franchises that have been established before it, they have never been able to do very well in the New York City. Getting the business started in Manhattan has been a real struggle, but he believes that things will turn out to be better in the New York City.

Town Residential is a NYC real estate company. The company was started several years ago, and it specializes in luxurious buildings around the area. The company has done very well since it was started, changing the lives of the residents in the area. Town Residential has a team of the qualified team who are very experienced in real estate activities, and investing in this company will be a wise decision.