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Machine Gun Kelly Drops New Single, “Let You Go”

Fan-favorite rapper Machine Gun Kelly just dropped a new track entitled “Let You Go”. The well-received song has already accumulated a substantial number of views on YouTube, and furthermore, the track’s popularity looks to be a solid indication that MGK’s upcoming Bloom album will be a hit.

Bloom is widely expected to be MGK’s most groundbreaking album to date. Previously minimal instruments like the guitar and bass, along with some variable rapping styles and sound controls, have already made appearances in the album’s three released tracks: “Bad Things”, “At My Best”, and of course, “Let You Go”. Whether or not this new sound will translate to commercial success remains to be seen, but once again, the released singles’ popularity is a good sign.

Even better for fans is that there isn’t long left to wait before Bloom hits store shelves. The 13-song album has been recorded and perfected for over one year now, and is expected to release on 12 May 2017. Talk about an awesome way to kick the summer off!

As if the album wasn’t incredible enough, MGK will be taking his talents all over the globe on his Summer 2017 tour. Numerous states in America, as well as a number of countries in Europe are scheduled on his tour, which runs all the way through mid-July. Tickets are on sale now.

This summer is shaping up to be memorable for rap fans. Thanks for reading, and remember to enjoy the music!