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Kanye West Rolls Ahead with the Life of Pablo

People were not sure what they would do with the Kanye West, “The Life of Pablo,” album. It was promoted by West himself as a gospel album. Kirk Franklin made a guest appearance and the album opened with prayer. Fans had no reason but to assume that things would on the right track as West promised. This would turn out to be the exact opposite of a gospel album though. Some critics praised it; many fans were just confused by what seemed like an unpolished mess of a project.

Still, Kanye West has decided to roll full steam ahead. He has released a video for wolves that features lots of models along with wife Kim Kardashian. This is a little less controversial than the “Famous” single that features a lot of “not safe for work” content. Kanye has managed to do what so many people have not been able to do. He attracts attention to his music regardless of what other people may think. He is a lightning rod for controversy so he fits quite well into the Kardashian family.

Fans have decided to write off “The Life of Pablo” as a stranger transition into a stripped down version of the new Kanye West. In the album he mentions how fans are talking about missing the old Kanye that was known for sped up samples of old soul classics. West is definitely a different man. He has not been the same since his mother passed.

The focus right now is leaning more towards getting a clothing line. Somehow he manages to keep the controversy high with Taylor Swift as he continues promoting his new sound.